Laptop computer shoulder bag

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One of the first accessories you should look into after buying a laptop is a good laptop shoulder bag to carry it around in. If you do a lot of daily traveling to an from your home, school or office, you want a shoulder bag that has a comfortable strap and plenty of extra storage compartments for a cell phone, iPod and other personal mobile electronic devices. Plus the inside of the bag needs to hold the laptop, or tablet, tight so as to not move around a lot when you’re walking or running for the bus.
Laptop computer shoulder bag:

Laptop computer shoulder bag pictured: Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase (Black)

Also of interest: Case Logic MLA-116 15.6-Inch Laptop and iPad® Attaché (Black) / Mobile Edge Eco-friendly Canvas Messenger Bag (Green) / Belkin Core Laptop Backpack (Pitch Black/Soft Gray) fits up to 15.6-Inch laptops

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Laptop Desks for Home

The ironic thing about laptop computers is that they are not so great to place on your lap. They tend to overheat that way, and the viewing angle can end up putting some strain on your neck. A laptop desk for your home is a good solution, especially when they can be tilted, so that you can work more comfortably.
Laptop Desks for Home:

Laptop Desks for Home pictured: Winsome Wood Kendall Computer Desk

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter

Laptop screen privacy filters not only keep prying eyes from seeing your laptop screen, but they also protect it from scratches. They are available in all the popular laptop sizes and are fairly inexpensive. Some are even reversible, with a glossy side and a matte side.
Laptop Screen Privacy Filter:

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter pictured: 3M Privacy Filter for 14.1 Inch Standard Laptop.

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter above: Akamai Office Products 14.0 Inch (Diagonally Measured) Privacy Screen for Widescreen Laptops (AP140W9B)