Large carpeted cat trees

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If you have one or more indoor cats, chances are they are easily bored if you don’t play with them often. Depending on your schedule however, you just might not always be there when they want to play. If you have the room, a large carpeted cat tree can provide all kinds of entertainment for your cats as well as perches to rest on when they are tuckered out.
Large carpeted cat trees:
Large carpeted cat trees
Large carpeted cat trees pictured:
Left: Kitty Polis Light Brown Multi Level Climbing Cat Tree & Lounge Pet House-Mimi Collection-
Right: Go Pet Club Brown 72″ Cat Tree F2081

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Large dry-erase sticker sheets

If you have little ones that love to write or draw on the walls, or you’re looking for a make-shift whiteboard to leave notes or family memos, consider the less expensive dry-erase sticker sheet alternative. These large sticker sheets can easily be applied to any clean wall surface when needed and are easy to peel off or cleaned when you don’t need them anymore.
Large dry-erase sticker sheets:
Large dry-erase sticker sheets
Large dry-erase sticker sheets pictured: Wall Pops WPE0446 24-Inch by 36-Inch Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal

Large zebra stripe pattern rug

If you’re looking to create a bold or eclectic decor statement, start from the ground up. For example, a large zebra stripe pattern rug in the middle of a room creates a dramatic look when coupled with either contemporary or retro style furnishings. Just be careful to not over do it with zebra stripped pillows or wall paper. The rug is bold enough, so keep everything else around it a tad subdued.
Large zebra stripe pattern rug:
Large zebra stripe pattern rug
Large zebra stripe pattern rug pictured: Home Dynamix Zone 7160-450 Ebony 5-Feet 2-Inch by 7-Feet 4-Inch Zebra Area Rug

Large glass jars with lids

If you like to make and preserve your own jams, jellies, pickles, chutney and whatever else you can think of, you most likely have your own set of glass jars that can accommodate the proper way of sealing such foods for long term storage. However, if you’re just looking to keep soaps, sugar, flour, cotton balls and even office supplies, any large and decorative glass jars should do the trick nicely.
Large glass jars with lids:

Large glass jars with lids pictured: Left: Anchor Hocking 85679 2-1/2-Gallon Glass Barrel Jar with Brushed-Aluminum Lid / Right: Tag Vintage Glass Jar with Metal Lid, Clear, Small, 3.5-Cup Capacity

Some are purely functional, while others are also decorative.

Extra large stainless steel dog bowls

No matter the size of dog you may own, extra large stainless steel dog bowls can be a convenient way to provide your faithful pet with plenty of food and water when you know you’ll be away for longer than normal. Simply fill his or her water bowl up to near the brim while filling the dry food bowl with double the serving you normally feed your pooch with the hope that your dog won’t gulp it all down in one feeding.
Extra large stainless steel dog bowls:

Extra large stainless steel dog bowls pictured: Top: Our Pets Durapet Food Bowl 4.5 Qt / Bottom: Stainless Steel Mirror Pet Dish by Ethical Pet