Ankle-length waterproof coat

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One good thing about an ankle-length coat is that it covers you up almost completely. This means you and your clothes will stay dryer in the rain and warmer in the cold, especially when it comes to your legs. And they also have that long cool style that can be very appealing. Just make sure the coat is wide enough at the ankles so that you can take natural strides comfortably. There is no point in looking cool if the coat impedes your gait.
Ankle-length waterproof coat:
Ankle-length waterproof coat
Ankle-length waterproof coats pictured:
Left: Superbaby Women Long Belted Fuax Fur Hooded High Quality Down, black
Middle: Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat, dark teal black
Right: Outback Trading Co. Low Rider Duster Mens Coat Brown 100% Cotton Oilskin

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Mens full length trench coat

A classic look to any man’s wardrobe is the full length trench coat favored by the military and spies along with business men and door-to-door salesmen. If you’re in the market to buy a full length trench coat, you’ll have three fabric choices to choose from: Wool gabardine, cotton and leather; with cotton being the popular choice, especially when treated to repel water. Whatever fabric you choose though, a trench coat makes for a great, traditional look for practically any occasion.
Mens full length trench coat:

Mens full length trench coats pictured: Left: Giovanni NavarreTM Hand-Sewn Pebble Grain Genuine Leather Trench Coat Medium / Right: Giovanni Navarre Leather Trench Coat – M

The longer the trench coat, the more it protects you from the rain.