Toddler dance leotard

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If your young daughter is an early beginner at dance or gymnastics, a toddler dance leotard is a definite must for her to be able to move around comfortably. Apart from the color and cut, make sure the leotard fits your daughter’s body well without any discomfort from the leotard being too tight or the straps digging in to your baby’s shoulders or upper arm area. After all, comfort is key when it comes to enjoying what they are doing.
Toddler dance leotard:

Toddler dance leotards pictured: Left: Disney Princess By Capezio Girls 2-6x Camisole Leotard / Right: Disney Princess By Capezio Girls 2-6x Short Sleeve Leotard

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Skirted ballet leotard

Whether it’s for an dance audition or gymnastic placement, there are times when your child gets only one chance to make a good impression. While she may have the necessary skills to wow the judges, she can also benefit from a bright and cheery skirted ballet leotard. It certainly won’t ensure that she gets the part, but if nothing else, your daughter will look smashing and will always be a star in your eyes.
skirted ballet leotard picture:
skirted ballet leotard image
Skirted ballet leotard: pictured is the Kwik Sew Misses Skirted Leotard Pattern By The Each