Black leotards for women

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Whether your daily workout routine centers around Yoga, Pilates, dance or cardio, if you’re looking for an outfit to wear during one or all of those vigorous activities, a black leotard might be just the thing. And if you’re worried about style, leotards have a consistent look that is pretty well established across many brands. Whether you get one that features a scooped neck, crew neck or polo neck, short or long sleeves, the only other difference to consider is the quality, brand and price point.
Black leotards for women:

Black leotards for women pictured: Left: Danskin Women’s Short-Sleeve Leotard / Middle: Danskin Women’s Cross-Back Leotard Strap / Right: Danskin Women’s Long-Sleeve Leotard

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Skirted leotards for children

One of those proud parent moments is seeing your child’s first dance performance. No matter how well they do, it is always a most special and precious event. So why not make it more so by choosing a skirted leotard for your daughter or at the very least, attaching a small frill to the leotard. In doing so, your daughter will look as good as she dances. And by using a contrasting color skirt or frill, you will add a unique quality to her performance, setting her apart from the other kids.
Skirted leotards for children:
Skirted leotards for children image
Skirted leotards for children example.
Pictured: Capezio Girls 7-16 Short Sleeve Nylon Dress

Infant dance leotards

If you have signed up your infant daughter for dance lessons you’ll soon realize that there’s more to the cost than just the lessons. You’ll soon be paying out for dance shoes, nylons and leotards. Thankfully, infant dance leotards are relatively inexpensive if you look on the Web or even at your local Good-Will stores. The only problem with this shopping strategy is that you may be limited to certain colors and patterns. The good news is that your child most likely won’t care what the color or style is until she hits her teen years.
Infant dance leotards:

Infant dance leotards pictured: Play Dance Leotard for Girls Ages 1-11 Years by Discount Manufacturing and Distributing