Locker nightstand

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A fun and unexpected addition to any sport themed bedroom is a cool looking locker nightstand. These unique nightstands are designed to look like a child’s school locker or what you would see in a school gym locker room, albeit much smaller than the real thing. And while they do not have a secure lock, they are great for storing toys, books, sports gear like a baseball or football, and whatever else you can fit in.
Locker nightstand:

Locker nightstand pictured: KidKraft Medium Locker

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Locker Door Organizer

In my search for locker organizers, I was not able to find a model that is made specifically for the locker door, in the style of a pantry door rack, for example. I did find organizers that hang inside the locker. These are flexible and have shelves and several pockets, ideal for books, binders, pens, etc…
Locker Door Organizer:

Locker Door Organizer pictured: LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer. Color: Lime green/orange.

Metal Locker Desk

Locker desks are made to emulate the construction of a locker. Hence, the metal construction, and the vented drawers and number/name plate slot. However they are available in great bright colors that are far more attractive than the boring grey lockers of my old school.
Metal Locker Desk:
Metal Locker Desk picture
Metal Locker Desk pictured: American Furniture Alliance Locker 3 Drawer Desk, Multicolor

Metal Locker Desk above: Merax Metal TV Stand Multipurpose Storage Console Sideboard Buffet Table (Black)

Kids Locker Desk

Kids locker desks are fun because they are so colorful. In fact some come with drawer panels in assorted colors that you can mix and match. Combine the desk with other pieces of locker bedroom furniture and you’ve got lots of possibilities. And who knows, with a great desk, maybe kids are more likely to do their homework!
Kids Locker Desk:

Kids Locker Desk picured: Multicolor Metal Computer Desk by AtHomeMart.

Kids Locker Desk
left: American Furniture Alliance Locker 3 Drawer Desk, Multicolor
right: Elite Products Kid’s Locker Collection Multi-Color Night Stand

Kids Locker Nightstands

Locker furniture is durable, light and cool-looking. In other words, perfect for kids. Locker nightstands come in a variety of bold colors that are fun to mix and mach with other pieces of locker furniture. Be aware that if they are made of metal, opening and closing the doors or drawers can be a bit noisy.
Kids Locker Nightstands:

Kids Locker Nightstands example. Pictured: KidKraft Medium Locker. Color: red


Kids Locker Nightstands above: Jorgensen Mini Kids Locker (Gray)