Beige chaise lounge with storage

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No matter how big or small your living space is, additional storage is always welcome. However, if you do live in a small space, adding furniture like a chaise lounge with storage compartment can be a great way to keep your environment clutter-free while enjoying a lazy afternoon or evening relaxing in style and comfort. Great for storing magazines, books, multimedia remotes and whatever else you can fit in it.
Beige chaise lounge with storage:
Beige chaise lounge with storage
Beige chaise lounge with storage pictured: TMS Leena Storage Chaise, Beige

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Tanning lounge chair

Sitting by the pool on a hot summer day while you soak up the rays on an adjustable tanning lounge chair is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. Keeping your lounge chair in good condition however, takes a little work. When you first buy your chair, have it treated with hardwood oil to keep the wood from discoloring. Then make sure to keep it off of wet grass or on a surface that is surrounded by water, like a pool deck. If the chair is to be in situated in such conditions, rubberize the bottom legs so that they don’t succumb to water damage.
Tanning lounge chair:

Tanning lounge chair pictured: Strathwood Basics Chaise Lounge Chair with Textilene Fabric

Dorm lounge chairs

If you have enough space in your dorm to accommodate extra seating, you may want to look into adding dorm lounge chairs to relax on after a grueling session of cramming or when friends pop in. However, if you have little space to entertain, consider getting an inexpensive inflatable lounge chair. Easily inflated and quickly deflated, an inflatable lounge chair can be stored in a closet or under your bed until you need it. There are also inflatable sofas you can buy as well if you need the added seating.
Dorm lounge chairs:

Dorm lounge chair pictured: Foam Furniture – Flip ‘n Out Studio Lounge Chair by Foamiture

Indoor double chaise lounge

When looking to unwind after a hard or long day at work, an indoor double chaise lounge can seem like the perfect combination of style and comfort to rest your weary bones. And to fit the chair with your decor there are either traditional or modern leather clad loungers or fabric covered loungers that are either armed or armless. One of these style chaise lounges should have no problem fitting in nicely in any room of your home.
Indoor double chaise lounge:

Indoor double chaise lounge pictured: Acme 15035 Anondale Two-Tone Polyurethane Chaise Lounger with Pillow, Espresso Finish

In a double chaise, two people should be able to sit comfortably. So even though it is a large piece of furniture, it takes up less space than two chaises.

Outdoor reclining chaise lounge chair

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When camping or sitting around in your own back yard, there’s nothing like stretching out on a reclining chaise lounge under a shady tree and catching a few zzz’s. And the great thing is that you don’t have to worry about the elements destroying your chaise lounge as they are usually made with that in mind. In a good chaise lounge, the fabric and metal parts are made from weather resistant materials.
Outdoor reclining chaise lounge chair:
Outdoor reclining chaise lounge chair - 2
Outdoor reclining chaise lounge chair pictured: Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker Chaise Lounge, natural

Of course, a lounge chair, no matter what type, should be comfortable.