Heated Magnetic Massage Cushion

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There is a great deal of debate about the effects magnets have on the body. Some say they help circulation and relieve pain, while others say they do nothing at all. Either way, massage cushions certainly are comfortable, and are great if you spend long periods of time sitting.
Heated Magnetic Massage Cushion:

Heated Magnetic Massage Cushion pictured: Wagan IN9988 Black 12V Ergo Comfort Rest Massage Magnetic Cushion

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Magnetic Blankets

If you do a search on the Web for the key words “magnetic blankets”, you will find a majority of the results geared towards the equestrian world. However, these blankets, along with other magnetic items, are not just for horses, but can be used by humans. There are claims that these energize, and re-energize, the ions within our bodies. Some say that a magnetic blanket, coupled with a magnetic mattress, can result in a most refreshing and relaxing sleep, charging up your energies for the following day.
Magnetic Blanket:

Pictured: Nikken Magnetic Therapy Kenko Light Dream Comforter King 1266