Jewelers magnifying glass with case

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You don’t have to be a jeweler to own and/or use a jewelers magnifying glass or loupe as it is referred to in the business. Anything that is small and that needs close inspection can benefit from a jewelers magnifying glass. From jewels and coins to circuit boards and transistors, there’s very little that can hide from a jewelers loupe.
Jewelers magnifying glass with case:

Jewelers magnifying glass with case pictured: SE 30X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe

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Magnifying Glass for Computer Monitor

Magnifying glass for computer monitors come in handy if you have trouble seeing and reading text on your computer screen. An alternative to a magnifying glass is to change the resolution of your monitor, but you may find it unsatisfactory since you will see only a fraction of what you would normally see on the screen, meaning lots of scrolling up and down.
Magnifying Glass for Computer Monitor:

Magnifying Glass for Computer Monitor pictured: Kantek LCD Monitor Magnifier Filter, Fits 17-Inch LCD Screen (MAG17L)