Maple rocking chair

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Seeing a maple rocking chair should conjure up a few iconic images of older folk leisurely rocking back and forth on their front porch at the end of the day, or sitting in front of a roaring fire enjoying some down-time. And while you could find a new rocking chair in some retail shop that you would have to take home and assemble yourself, a better place to find a good quality rocker would be at a local flea market or antique store if you don’t have a problem buying things second-hand.
Maple rocking chair:

Maple rocking chair pictured: Adult Rocker-Rush Seat Color – Maple, by Hinkle

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Maple dining room table

Having moved out to the country after having lived in the big city for over 40 years, I found a simplistic approach to life that suits me just fine. One of the many changes I made was to buy more rustic furniture for our home starting with a maple table and chair set for the dining room. I so loved the look of it that I found a smaller version for the kitchen. The look of Maple just seems to fit in so well in the country.
Maple dining room table:

Maple dining room table pictured: Coaster Rectangular Butcher Block Farm Dining Table,Solid Natural Wood Finish by Coaster Home Furnishings.

Maple dining chairs

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It may surprise you, but if you buy a chair that is referred to as a “maple chair”, you may not be getting something that is made of maple wood. This is because maple is also considered a color. So the use of the word may simply refer to the tint of the wood. Buying furniture off the internet further complicates things, since you cannot touch the wood or get a sense of its weight.
Maple dining chairs:
maple dining chairs image
Maple dining chairs example. Pictured: Maple Solid Wood Dining Room – Kitchen Side Chair by 2K Furniture Designs.

Dining Chairs – Pull Up a Seat and Enjoy a Good Meal


Dining Chairs – Pull Up a Seat and Enjoy a Good Meal

By Jennifer Akre

Dining chairs can go from the surprisingly cheap to the ridiculously expensive. Your only constraints may be your existing dining room furniture, your budget…. and perhaps your environmental conscience. Let me explain. Your dining chairs are an opportunity to choose furniture that is made from sustainable wood and with non-harmful products. Sustainable hardwoods like oak, cherry and maple make a good base, and even better when the production process excludes any chemicals that might vaporize overtime and pollute the air in your dining room.

Interestingly, if you have a dining room table that is not too outlandish, you’ll probably find chairs to meet the criteria above and that still look good in your dining room. Sleek, contemporary designs using natural materials can go very well with glass top tables or tables made principally of metal. And of course, dining chairs can be both “green” and durable at the same time. No one says that you have to sit on chairs made out of cardboard or recycled soda pop bottles.

Naturally, if your budget extends to it, you can always partake in another form of recycling which is to buy antique chairs. Whether or not you choose to use them to seat your guests is another matter. It’s true that purchasing those hand-built, eighteenth century master craftsman dining chairs makes you a little wary of using them for guests who might not appreciate their full value.

Another option is open to you as well. If your current set of dining chairs are looking a little worse for wear, then you can still get a little bit more useful life out of them by using seat covers. As seat covers can be relatively inexpensive, you can even treat yourself to “new” sets of chairs for every day of the week!

However, there comes a time when even the best recycling tips and tricks will no longer save a set of chairs whose time has come. It might be the right moment to overhaul the whole of your dining room furniture, from chairs to sideboard to table. Depending on what you have and what you want your dining room to look like, you may well find that a new ensemble of dining room furniture breathes a whole new life into the dining experience.

One of the basic choices that you will have to make in that case is whether to buy chairs with arms or without. It’s a question of space, mobility and whether or not you and your guests at the dinner table would like to lounge around in your seats. Having arms on dining chairs also makes it easier to move the chairs around if you want to continue the conversation away from the table. On the other hand you would probably be well advised to acquire chairs for your dining room which do not require too much cleaning or maintenance, and that are protected against the stains that will inevitably result in area where food is commonplace.

Author Jennifer Akre, owner of many sites dedicated to indoor and outdoor home decor product and information, provides online consumers with advice on purchasing gorgeous dining room furniture [] and distinctive dining tables [] perfect for daily use and special occasions.

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Maple finish wood dining table

Unless you live alone and use a table cloth, chances are your dining room table will be on the receiving end of kids, pets, spills, burns and much, much more. As you can well imagine, trying to keep your dining room table clean and shiny is a major undertaking, especially if it is a light wood like maple. Despair not though, as you can keep your table clean and shiny with a simple cleaning every week with lemon oil or Murphy’s oil soap. Regular cleaning should keep your dining room table in good shape.
Maple finish wood dining table example:

Maple finish wood dining table pictured: 30″ Square Maple Finish Wood Dining Room Kitchen Table by 2K Furniture Designs

Maple dining table set

In many ways, the dining room area should be the most formal room in your home, as it is not only used for extravagant family holiday dinners, but also for intimate dinner parties with special friends. With that in mind, a maple dining room table set, with matching chairs, provides both a traditional look alongside a stylish and contemporary visual. It is simple, elegant and timeless. Much like the memories you’ll make with friends and family around the dining room table.
Maple dining table set:

Maple dining table set pictured: Traditional Dark Maple Finish Wood Rectangle Dining Table by Poundex.