Metal desks with drawers

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If you are looking for a new metal desk, odds are you will find desks with metal bases and drawers, but with tops made of some kind of laminate. The all-metal desks of old seem to have fallen out of favor. The McDowell Craig company however refurbishes old steel furniture. This may be an option for you, or you may want to try finding a second-hand desk in your area. A good metal desk can last for many many years with little maintenance.
Metal desks with drawers:
Metal desks with drawers
Metal desks with drawers pictured: McDowell Craig Vintage Steel 45 Inch Single Pedestal Tanker Desk

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Metal frame loft bed

Using a metal frame loft bed in a child’s room is a great way to save on space and clutter, providing of course that your little one keeps the space below the bed relatively clean. That being said, since there will be some room under the bed frame, you can place a desk and or dresser in that area to reclaim floor and wall space so your child will have more room to move around if need be.
Metal frame loft bed:

Metal frame loft bed pictured: Sunset Metal Twin/Loft Bunk Bed by Walker Edison

White metal twin bed

As your young son or daughter makes the transition from their crib to a toddler bed, you might want to consider starting them off right away in a full size twin bed. It doesn’t take long for your little ones to outgrow their toddler beds and a full size bed will accommodate their growth spurts for a long time. There are a variety of beds that you can choose from along with the option of having a wood frame or a metal frame. The choice is yours.
White metal twin bed:

White metal twin bed pictured: Rack Furniture Lindsay Twin Bed, white

Kids metal desk

Without knowing it, kids can be quite abusive to the furniture in their bedrooms, not to mention in the rest of the house. Putting a metal desk in your child’s room instead of a wood or plastic one, may help keep the desk lasting longer and in better shape. This way, when one child outgrows it, it can still be used in a younger child’s room, or given away in relatively decent condition.
Kids metal desk:

Kids metal desk pictured: American Furniture Alliance Locker 3 Drawer Desk, Multicolor

Metal drawer cabinets

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If you have a small home office and are looking for a good, solid organizational storage container with metal drawers, consider your storage needs. If you just need a small file cabinet, then pretty much any cabinet will do. But if you have multiple mixed media content like CD’s, DVD’s plus files and other assorted documents, a metal drawer filing cabinet can accommodate your storage needs while being stack-able for future business expansion if it comes to that. Plus, they are strong and sturdy and will last a long time if properly cared for.
Metal drawer cabinets:

Metal drawer cabinet pictured: Safco 4-Drawer Computer Disk/Data Cabinet. Color: putty. Also available in charcoal and light gray.