Kitchen microwave cart / stand

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As cute as a small kitchen can look, having limited counter space to place a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, blender, spice rack and more can prove to be a tad troublesome, especially when you need space for food prepping. A kitchen microwave cart can provide a separate storage area for not only your microwave, but depending on how many shelves or compartments it holds, cookbooks, a toaster oven, pots and pans and even wine bottles.
Kitchen microwave cart / stand:

Kitchen microwave carts / stands pictured: Left: Home Source Industries R0018 Beech Microwave Cart with 2 Electrical Outlets/Drawer and 2 Shelves, Beech / Right: Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart, Natural

Some of these stands have wheels. Given that your microwave will be plugged into the wall socket, wheels may not be that practical.

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Microwave hutch

A microwave hutch makes a nice addition to most any kitchen as a means to keep your microwave off the counter in order to create more space for other appliances or to create a larger food prep area. The hutch can also be used as a means of storage with drawers and shelves for plates, china, cups, glasses, cookbooks, and more. Different styles and sizes allow you to pick the piece that is right for you and your kitchen.
Microwave hutch:

Microwave hutches pictured: Left: Kitchen Storage Cabinet / Microwave Stand by TDM / Right: Catskill Craftsmen Microwave Space Saver Cart with Drawer

Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker

The main advantage of a microwave egg cooker is consistency. Although we think of microwave cooking as being quicker, it may not be so in this case, since you have to fill up the cooker, put in the eggs, cook, and wait a bit for the cooker to cool down before handling it.
Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker:

Microwave Hard Boiled Egg Cooker pictured: Micro Egg Microwave Egg Cooking Cup by Egpro.