Motorized wheelbarrow

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Using a wheelbarrow to carry loads of heavy earth, car parts, cinder blocks, and whatever else you can throw into it can be a big help when having to move this stuff from point A to point B. But a better way, and much easier on the muscles, back and joints, is a motorized wheelbarrow that can handle heavy loads while going up steep hills or over rugged terrain. Simply steer the wheelbarrow and let it do the heavy lifting on its own.
Motorized wheelbarrow:

Motorized wheelbarrow pictured: Troy-Bilt Pack Horse 500-Pound Capacity 6 Cubic Foot 190cc Briggs & Stratton 650 Series Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Of course these are far more expensive than regular wheelbarrows, put the price is justified considering how much it can speed up your work, and how it can save you from painful muscles.

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Motorized TV Cabinets for Flat Screens

The fact that flat screens are. by definition, so thin makes it possible to make cabinets that elevate and lower the screen, thereby hiding it from view. Motorized TV cabinets come in different sizes – from small units that are just a bit bigger than the screen, to big models that allow for storage on either side of the screen. Finishes are usually wood, but they can be found in black and brown.
Motorized TV Cabinets for Flat Screens picture-1Motorized TV Cabinets for Flat Screens picture-4
Motorized TV Cabinets for Flat Screens pictured:
Left: Highland Dark Cherry TV Lift Cabinet For Flat Screen TV’s Up To 45
Right: Sunrise Furniture City Scape 42″ TV Stand with Lift