Full-motion desk mount

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Most people keep their computer monitor at one set height and never move it again. But if you ever feel neck strain from being at your computer all day, it might be a good idea to mount your screen to a stand that can be adjusted in a multitude of ways. If you want to stand at your desk, if you need to turn your monitor vertically, if you often show other people what is on your screen, or if you simply want to determine the optimal placement for your monitor, this type of mount could be a good thing to invest in.
Full-motion desk mount:
full motion desk mount
Full-motion desk mount pictured: HomeMounts┬« Full Motion Desktop Mount for 10”-24” Led/lcd/pdp Computer Monitor Black

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iPad desk mount

The increasing popularity of the iPad has spawned third party accessory manufacturers that make a wide variety of cool additions for the iPad. An iPad desk mount is one such addition that enables the user to attach an iPad to either a fixed mount, which is securely fastened to one’s desk, or a movable mount which can be moved around to be placed on a table, counter or desk. One thing to keep in mind before buying a desk mount is to make sure the mount is compatible with the iPad version that you own.
iPad desk mount:

iPad desk mount pictured: LUXA2 H4 Aluminum iPad Holder Stand LH0006 by Thermaltake

Flat screen TV stand with mount

One of the many advantages a flat screen television offers is the ease with which it can be mounted. In the days of cathode ray tube sets, this was a much more difficult option. The light weight of new TV’s means that mounting brackets can be integrated onto a stand, resulting in a sleek look and more shelving space.
Flat screen TV stand with mount:

Flat screen TV stand with mount pictured: Bell’O TPC361 AV System Up To 55-Inch or 125 lbs (Dark Cherry)

Wall mount TV stand

The comparatively light weight of flat screen TV’s, versus their traditional counterparts, opens up several possibilities when it comes to placement. One of these is mounting the TV on a wall, be it with a bracket or a wall mount TV stand. Just make sure the stand is fastened properly, especially for the bigger televisions.
Wall mount TV stand:

Wall mount TV stand pictured: Bell’O BWS101 Two-Shelf Component Wall System with Multiple Color Panels

TV Stand With Swivel Mount

A TV stand with a swivel mount is superior to stands with fixed mounts, in that the swiveling mechanism allows you to angle the TV for various viewing positions. Do some research before you buy, to make sure the mount swivels sufficiently for your viewing needs.
TV Stand With Swivel Mount:

TV Stand With Swivel Mount pictured: BDI Odeon Flat Panel 37-55″ Wood TV Stand in Espresso on Oak