Multi level ferret cage

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Just because your ferret is ok to run around in the house, doesn’t mean that you want it to do so, 24/7. The next best thing to roaming free is to buy your ferret a multi level ferret cage. This type of structure, usually made of a white wire enclosure with plenty of ventilation, ensures that your pet ferret has lots of levels to run up and down in while having plenty of access to a water and feeding dish. It may not be the great outdoors, but it definitely comes in second place.
Multi level ferret cage:

Multi level ferret cage pictured: Super Pet My First Home Multi-Floor, Extra-Large

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Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage

If you have a whole family of guinea pigs, then a multi-level cage is the route to go. They do not take up a lot of space in your home, since they are built vertically and when you have a nursing guinea pig mother, the cage is used to separate the mom and baby from daddy.
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage:
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage picture-1Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage picture-2
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cages pictured:
Left: Ware Indoor Hutch, 4 Level, Medium
Right: Super Pet Chew-Proof Chinchilla Cage, Dark Blue