Norwegian recliners

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You may find it a little strange that one of the most comfortable and supportive reclining chairs comes all the way from Norway, but don’t jump to any conclusions until you experience a Norwegian recliner. Built to distribute your blood flow alongside the soothing of aching and tired muscles, a Norwegian recliner can be the best thing to come home to after a grueling day at work. Now if only it could make a dry martini!
Norwegian recliner:

Norwegian recliner pictured: Fjords Lobster Lounge Chair Walnut Wood Frame and Steel Base by Hjellegjerde of Norway Passion Black Leather Norwegian Scandinavian Modern Design Furniture

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Norwegian recliner chairs

If you are really serious about your comfort and have been looking for a reclining chair that is equivalent to what Rolls Royce is to cars, then check out the Fjords Leather 855 Loen Recliner. It is a Norwegian reclining chair that is as comfortable as it is ergonomically supportive of your entire body. The chair and ottoman, because you can’t have a reclining chair without an ottoman, helps keep your legs and back from getting tired, while relaxing your whole body. This kind of comfort and support also helps your blood to move throughout your body with greater ease allowing your body to rest at maximum level.
Norwegian recliner chair:

Norwegian recliner chair pictured: Fjords Ulstein Swing Relaxer Zero Gravity Recliner Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Anti-Gravity Reclining Chair Furniture Nordic Line by Hjellegjerde