Black office storage cabinet

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If you’re trying to make your home office look a little less “office grey”, consider buying office furniture in different colors. For example, a steel-grey looking file cabinet can be swapped out for a black office storage cabinet that is not only as functional, but just plain cooler looking. Also, since the storage cabinet is black, you can use it in other rooms as well without it looking too out of place.
Black office storage cabinet:
Black office storage cabinet
Black office storage cabinet pictured: Sauder Storage Cabinet – Ebony Ash – black

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Folding home office computer desk

If you use a desk only occasionally, then it may make sense to buy the folding type, so that you can store it away under a bed or in a closet when not in use. Or perhaps you move frequently, and you want something that can be transported in a car. Either way, there are plenty of collapsible desks and tables for sale, in a variety of sizes and colors. Pick one that will suit your needs best.
Folding home office computer desk:
Folding home office computer desk
Folding home office computer desk pictured: Regency Seating Cherry 31-Inch Folding Desk

Office supplies cabinet

As your small or home business grows, you may find yourself needing more office supplies than before, and more importantly, a place to put them all. An office supplies cabinet can fit the bill nicely as a multi-shelf storage space that can hold most of what you need for quick and easy access when you need it. This way, you can buy what you need in bulk and not have to be running to the nearest office supply store every few days.
Office supplies cabinet:

Office supplies cabinet pictured: South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet

Long office desk

When you have little space to contend with in a home office setting and you need a large enough area for your computer, phone, printer, fax machine or other business accessories, a long office desk can accommodate these items nicely. By utilizing both the upper and lower areas of the desk, you can store your files, printer paper and whatever else, under the desk and off to the side while everything else can fit nicely on top and in easy reach, while still allowing for comfortable leg-room.
Long office desk:

Long office desk pictured: Boss Desk Shell, 66 inch. Color: cherry

Of course, some would argue that a bigger desk makes one look more important.

Executive computer office desk

When looking for an executive computer office desk, one needs to remember that while such a desk can be used to great effect in an executives office, the actual desk is simply a pedestal desk that features a platform with storage and/or filing drawers on each side along with a sliding keyboard and mouse tray for maximum space on the desk top.
Executive computer office desk:

Executive computer office desk pictured: Sauder Office Port Executive Desk in Dark Alder