Orange coverlet

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A simple way to brighten up a bedroom is to throw a brightly colored coverlet over your bed such as an orange or lime green coverlet. Coverlets come in a wide variety of colors, prints and fabrics and can be just what you need to add a bit of splash. Coverlets however, are not meant to replace your existing bed-spread or comforter set, rather, they are used as decorative covers to “finish” a room.
Orange coverlet:
Orange coverlet
Orange coverlet pictured: notNeutral Season Throw Quilt Reversible, Persimmon/Green/Sable, 50-Inch by 60-Inch

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Orange leather chairs

If you find that your white leather chair is getting a little grungy or boring and you’re considering buying a new leather chair of a different color, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually dye your chair with a DIY leather dye kit that can be found at most furniture, hardware or home depot style stores. You might want to do a little research first before diving into this project to see which process will work best for you.
Orange leather chairs:

Orange leather chairs pictured: Left: East End Imports Glove Chair in Orange Aniline Leather / Right: Colter Dining Armchair – Ochre Leather – Nuevo HGAR271 by Nuevo Living

Orange jeans for men

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If you’re dead set on wearing those orange jeans for men you bought on a whim because you thought they looked cool, please keep in mind that there are certain colors that should not be worn with orange pants. Brown, beige and any color falling into their spectrum should be avoided at all costs. In fact, to keep it simple and smart, white or black should be the go-to colors to wear with your orange jeans as they are neutral colors and won’t color-clash.
Orange jeans for men:

Orange jeans for men pictured: Blend of America Mens Coloured Jeans 6211 Twister, In 4 Colours! Color: Red clay.

Orange comforter

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One of my favorite things to do is to make small changes to my bed dressing with each change of season. For example, when winter approaches I take out the light blue sheets, pillow cases and comforters to symbolize the coolness of a winters day. In autumn I like to throw an orange comforter over the bed to add a feel of warmth in contrast to the cooling temperatures. It’s a fun way to dress up a bedroom cheaply.
Orange comforter:

Orange comforter pictured: Horizons 300-Thread-Count Cotton Duvet Set by Elite Home. Color: coral.

Also of inetrest: Home Essence Chadwick Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter Mini Set / Rampage 3-Piece Comforter Set, tangerine / Orange Brown Beige Comforter Sheets Bedding Set Full 12 Pcs

Orange bedding

It’s funny how the simple exchange of color from one to another makes a room that you have walked in for years feel different. This happened to me the other day as I had decided to change up bedding from its usual off-white color to a bold orange. I had received a nice set of orange bedding sheets, comforter and pillow cases from a friend at Christmas and never expected it to make such a difference, but it did. Had I known, I wouldn’t have waited so long.
Orange bedding:

Orange bedding pictured: 1200 Thread Count FULL SIZE 4pc Egyptian Bed Sheet Set, Deep Pocket, ORANGE, by JS SANDERS COLLECTION

Orange goes well with several colors, such as yellow, red, brown and beige.

Also of interest: College Plush Comforter – Orange, by Dorm Co / Rampage Solid Sheet Set, color: tangerine / Horizons 300-Thread-Count Cotton Duvet Set by Elite Home, color: coral