Outside couches

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Enjoying the outdoors on your deck, patio or in your backyard is what summer is all about. Dinners outside, entertaining friends and family and just lazing around on a warm day is the best way to spend a summer day or weekend. For additional comfort, add an outside couch to the mix. Just make sure that if you plan to nap on your outside couch, make sure to slap on the sunscreen lotion first.
Outside couches:

Outside couches example. Pictured: Strathwood Falkner Deep Lounge Sofa

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Outside sofa

If you spend a lot of time on your deck or patio, you may want to consider investing in an outside sofa. They are more expensive than lawn furniture, but they provide a level of comfort that cannot be matched by typical lawn chairs. And of course, they look much nicer and classier. Look for models that are UV treated and waterproof.
Outside sofa:

Outside sofa pictured: Zuo Waterloo Sofa

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