Painted dining chairs

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Before you go ahead and buy painted dining chairs, you should at least consider the option of painting your old chairs yourself. Sets of dining chairs can usually be found for very cheap at thrift stores, and sometimes a coat (or two) of paint is all these chairs need to look fabulous.
Painted dining chairs:

Painted dining chairs example. Pictured: Casual Elements MAH345AW Verona Dining Chair in Antique White (Set of 2)

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Painted Bamboo Door Curtains

With painted bamboo door curtains, a simple thing like a curtain can be a work of art. Bamboo door curtains, even when they are not painted, give a little bit of a funky, tiki look to a room, but when these are painted, they can brighten up any space with beautiful designs or scenery.
Painted Bamboo Door Curtains:

Painted Bamboo Door Curtains example: Tigers Bamboo Curtain

Painted Bamboo Door Curtains example. Pictured: Magic Passage ~ Ganesh Bamboo Door Curtain ~ Hand Painted ~ 36 x 79 Inches, by Penny Lane.