Construction paper organizer

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You may remember construction paper organizers from grade school: wooden boxes with shelves that held cardboard in all the colors of the rainbow. Today, if you are a teacher or if you do arts and crafts you can buy one of these organizers online. They haven’t changed – still made of wood, and the still the way to keep construction paper from getting bent, folded or ripped.
Construction paper organizer:
Construction paper organizer
Construction paper organizer pictured: Shain Paper Storage Cabinet

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Home paper embossing machine

Whether you are a scrapbooker, graphic designer or want to start your own home-based business creating beautifully designed stationary, a home paper embossing machine can be a great tool for all of the above. Depending on the size and quality of the embossing machine, you could emboss invitations, greeting cards, photographs, create decorative stationary and envelopes, and whatever else you can think of. Some embossing machines even come with a shape cutting feature for furthering your creative potential.
Home paper embossing machine:

Home paper embossing machine pictured: Sizzix 655268 Big Shot Cutting-and-Embossing Roller-Style Machine

Decorative Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper towel dispensers are things we tend to think of as functional rather than decorative, but given that they perform such a simple job, there is no reason why a beautiful dispenser cannot do as good a job as a regular-looking model. So go ahead and add a bit of color to your kitchen with a decorative paper towel dispenser.
Decorative Paper Towel Dispensers:

Decorative Paper Towel Dispensers example. Pictured: Grape 3 Roll Wrap Center Rack Paper Towel Foil Saran by kk.

Manual Paper Towel Dispenser

Sometimes the best option is the simplest. Paper towel dispensers use several different mechanisms to do a simple job: serve up towels. But mechanisms can break and can be costly to repair. A manual paper towel dispenser is virtually maintenance-free. You just have to refill it when necessary.
Manual Paper Towel Dispenser:

Manual Paper Towel Dispenser pictured: TrippNT 51904 Single Stack Dual Dispensing Paper Towel Holder

Manual Paper Towel Dispenser above: Kimberly-Clark Slimroll Hard Roll Towel Dispenser With 6-Pack Scott Slimroll Hard Roll Towel Refill Bundle

Industrial Paper Towel Dispenser

The things to look for in an industrial paper towel dispenser: Durability – the fewer moving parts, the less likely a dispenser is likely to break. Since these dispensers are used hundreds of times a day, this is an important factor. Capacity – make sure the dispenser holds enough towels to serve the amount of users. Ease of maintenance: Look for models that have fewer nooks and crannies. These are the areas that are hardest to keep clean.
Industrial Paper Towel Dispenser:

Industrial Paper Towel Dispenser pictured: Singlefold Towel Dispenser with Two-Prong Lock by Palmer Fixture Company.


Industrial Paper Towel Dispenser above: Roll Paper Towel Dispenser by Oasis Creations – Commercial Heavy Duty – Wall Mount Towel Dispenser