TV pedestal stands

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If a small footprint is what you are looking for in a TV stand, then a pedestal stand may be a good option. They definitely are minimalist in design. They are also useful in an office context, since they tend to be lighter, and therefore easier to carry from room to room, than a regular stand, cabinet or console. Some come with an integrated shelf, which is an ideal spot for a DVD player.
TV pedestal stands:

TV pedestal stands example. Pictured: Peerless FPZ-646 Flat Panel Stand for 32 to 46-Inch Flat Panel Screens (Gloss Black)

Also of interest: VocoPro MS-76 TV Monitor Stand / Premier Mounts PSD-TTS/B Universal Tabletop Stand (Black base) / BDI Arena 9972 Freestanding Flat Panel TV Mount for 40-Inch – 60-Inch TVs – Gloss Black by Becker.

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Pedestal TV stand

There are two main advantages to a pedestal stand for your TV. The first is style. It is a modern look that goes very well with the look of flat panel TV’s. The other is space. By using a pedestal stand your are using less space then with a console type stand.
Pedestal TV stand:
pedestal tv stand picture-3
Pedestal TV stands pictured: H. Wilson Steel Flat Panel Display Stand, stationary and mobile

Pedestal Office Desk

The basic design for pedestal office desks has been around for centuries. The reason it has lasted so long, aside from its beauty, is its practicality. Bases that double as cabinets or drawers are an efficient use of space, and keep everything one needs at arm’s length. A classic design that will be around a long time.
Pedestal Office Desk:

Pedestal Office Desk pictured: Sauder Executive Office Desks