Professional pedicure chairs with massage

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Whether you are considering opening up your own spa-like salon, or you happen to find yourself sitting in a comfy chair getting your nails done and wondering why your pedi/mani is so expensive, take a second to reflect on how much that comfy chair is worth. On the low end of the pricing scale, you can buy professional pedicure chairs for a little under two thousand dollars. This price will provide you with a decent spa style chair, but to truly take your salon business up a notch, you’ll more likely be spending close to five thousand dollars for a true state of the art pedicure chair.
Professional pedicure chairs:
Professional pedicure chairs with massage
Professional pedicure chairs with massage pictured:
Left: Maiden Spa ‘Pipeless’ Pedicure Spa
Right: AN7000 Pedicure Spa Massage Chair by Pedicure Chair Plus

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Pedicure chairs

If you have been searching for an affordable pedicure chair, you may have realized that “affordable” is a relative term in the nail salon/spa industry. The cheapest pedicure chair I have found so far is a little under $3000.00 before taxes. Now, to the average Joe or Jane, that might seem like a lot of money. But to someone in the beauty business, $3000.00 is a good price, depending on the quality of course.
affordable pedicure chairs 1 affordable pedicure chairs 2
Pedicure chairs pictured:
Left: Hydraulic Pedicure chair White or Black w / bowl by Discount Spa Equipment
Right: New Pedicure Station Chair Foot Spa Salon Unit W/ Stool by Sky Enterprise USA

Professional pedicure chairs

No matter what kind of business you happen to be involved in, what will make or break your bottom line is the quality of service and equipment you offer your customers. For example, if you plan on opening up a nail salon, you will need the best professional pedicure chairs your budget will allow. No skimping on what matters most for your business to thrive. If you go with cheap equipment, you might as well kiss your profit margin good-bye as you will be forever fixing or having to buy new equipment, which will severely cut into your profit. Not a good thing!
Professional pedicure chair:

Professional pedicure chair pictured: European Touch Altera Pedicure Chair, sold by SalonGuys.

Spa pedicure chairs

When you are adding new equipment to your business, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is one that needs to be repeated over and over again. If you are trying to cut costs by going with a cheaper version of an item that is usually expensive, you need to think about what kind of quality you are investing into your business. Sure, for the short term you will be saving a bit of money, but at the end of the day, you will most likely need to pay more out in repairs or will need to totally replace the cheap equipment. In the end, it’s always better to go with quality and time-tested brands.
Spa pedicure chairs:
cheap spa pedicure chairs picture-1 cheap spa pedicure chairs picture-2
Spa pedicure chairs pictured:
Left: New Pedicure Station Chair Foot Spa Salon Unit W/ Stool by Sky Enterprise USA
Right: Hydraulic Pedicure chair White or Black w / bowl by Discount Spa Equipment