Roll up picnic table

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These types of tables are usually low, compact and fit securely in a carry bag. Roll up picnic tables are great for using not only outdoors at picnics, backyard bbq’s, lawn parties, beach parties, you can also use them inside your home. They are made to be easy to carry around: simply roll it up, slip it in its bag and you’re off. Look for models that are water resistant, so rain will not cause any damage or mildew stains when leaving it out in the elements.
Roll up picnic table:
Roll up picnic table
Roll up picnic table pictured: Table in a Bag W2716 Low Wood Portable Table with Carrying Bag, Brown

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Folding picnic tables

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Some folding picnic tables are made to be easily carried anywhere, while other fold up to become benches. The type you get depends on your needs. If the idea is to go to the park, beach, or camp site, then the type that folds up into a carrying case is the way to go. If however, the table is destined for the backyard for only occasional use, the type that becomes a bench is a good option.
Folding picnic tables:

Folding picnic tables example. Pictured: Convertible Wood Picnic Table & Garden Bench by Atlantic Outdoor, sold by Wayfair.

One possible issue with either type of these tables, is that they may be less comfortable to sit on then their non-collapsible counterparts. In other words, making the table more practical may mean making some compromises.

Also of interest: Outdoor or Indoor Portable Folding Picnic Table Bench Set with Custom “SUITCASE STYLE” Lightweight Aluminum Construction and Table Cover, by World Outdoor Products / Table in a Bag Low Portable Table with Carrying Bag / Picnic Time Portable Folding Picnic Table with Seating for 4.

Portable picnic table set

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If you enjoy spending a lot of your free time outdoors with the family, you may want to consider buying a portable picnic table set that you can use almost anywhere. “Roughing it” becomes a whole lot easier with a portable picnic table but just make sure that you do a little web research first. You don’t want to buy a picnic table that buckles when food is placed on it.
Portable picnic table set:

Portable picnic table set pictured: Outdoor or Indoor Portable Folding Picnic Table Bench Set with Custom “SUITCASE STYLE” Lightweight Aluminum Construction and Table Cover! sold by World Outdoor Products

Large Picnic Blanket

In my younger days I used to go on picnics a lot with friends and family. We would prepare all the necessities and pack our lunch, go to the park and find out that we forgot to pack a big enough towel or sheet to sit on. Nowadays there are picnic blankets as thick as sleeping bags so they are very comfy to sit on, and the blades of grass will not pick you anymore. They are sold in many colors and styles.
Large Picnic Blanket:

Large Picnic Blanket pictured: Mega Mat Large Mega Mat Blue Berry Stripe 68 X 82 Open – Mega Mat M5108-BBS