Long sleeve one-piece bodysuit

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A long sleeve bodysuit may be great for when you need to wear it as shape-wear or slim-wear, but keep in mind that some bodysuits have a sheer fabric and may need to be worn more as a bottom layer than as a primary garment. If you do end up wearing the bodysuit alone, or paired with slacks or a skirt, you may want to add a sports bra or tank top to the mix, leaving a little more to the imagination!
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit:
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit
Long sleeve one-piece bodysuits pictured:
Left: G2 Chic Women’s Open Back Solid Bodysuit with Long Sleeves, royal blue
Right: Franato Women’s Slimming Long Sleeve Open Crotch Body Shapers

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One-piece swimsuits for plus-size women

Whether your heading off to the pool to swim for pleasure or as part of an exercise regime, if you’re a plus size woman you might be thinking twice about wearing a swimsuit. That being said, there are a variety of stylish one-piece swimsuits for the plus size woman that act as shape-wear. This type of bathing suit, shapes, slims and smooths out one’s body, offering more curves than rolls.
One-piece swimsuits for plus-size women:
One-piece swimsuits for plus-size women
One-piece swimsuits for plus-size women pictured:
Left: Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Solid Oceanus, Black, 24W
Middle: Miraclesuit Women’s Plus-Size Pin Point Rialto One Piece Swimsuit
Right: Speedo Women’s Plus-Size Aquatic Endurance Ultraback Swimsuit, black

One piece jumpsuits for women

If you thought that a one piece jumpsuit wouldn’t cut it in the style and fashion world, consider that you could easily spend upwards of $800.00 buying a designer label one piece jumpsuit that would fit right in with the uber-chic Hollywood crowd. Fortunately, for the rest of us there are stylish and colorful jumpsuits that one can buy in the $30.00 to $50.00 range that look just as good as their designer counterparts.
One piece jumpsuits for women:

One piece jumpsuits for women pictured:
left: Doublju Womens Jumpsuit with Sleeveless Top in Fine Stretch Fabric, wine
middle: American Apparel Chambray Jumpsuit, blue
right: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Women’s Botticelli Jumpsuit, red

One piece underwear for men

Whether you call them long johns, a onesie or a union suit, if you’re looking to keep warm while working or playing in the cold outdoors, one piece underwear should be an essential part of a man’s under garment wear. For added warmth and comfort, make sure the one piece is made from 100% premium 8 ounce cotton fabric to keep the chill out and the warmth in.
One piece underwear for men:

One piece underwear for men pictured: Left: American Apparel Rib Henley One-Piece, forest / Middle: Camping Thermal Underwear : OCTAVE Mens All In One Thermal Underwear / Union Suit, charcoal / Right: Carhartt Men’s Midweight Cotton Union Suit, red

3 piece indoor bistro set

If you love hanging out at coffee shops, or miss the cozy bistros of Italy or France, don’t despair. You can give your kitchen or small eating nook a classy bistro style ambiance by adding a bistro set to the mix. There are many styles to choose from and you can really go to town setting up your special room or corner by adding a small round rug and related knick-knacks. With a little imagination, you can create a warm and inviting bistro area for two that will become the envy of all your friends.
3 piece indoor bistro sets:
3 piece indoor bistro set picture-1 3 piece indoor bistro set picture-2
3 piece indoor bistro sets pictured:
Left: 3 PC Metal Wood Bistro Kitchen Dining Table Chair Set by Coaster Home Furnishings
Right: Home Source Industries Italian Bistro 3-Piece Pub Set with Glass Table and 2 Stools