Childrens plastic slides

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What child doesn’t like going down a slide? You may not want to install a full-sized metal slide in your backyard, but you could easily get a smaller plastic version that toddlers will love. If you have enough room, you could even place the slide inside your house, so that the kids can enjoy it even when the weather is not cooperating. These types of slide usually can be folded up, so that they are fairly easy to store.
Childrens plastic slides:
childrens plastic slides
Childrens plastic slide pictured: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

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Plastic slatwall panels

If you are looking to add a little more storage area in your basement, garage or family playroom, consider using your bare walls as a means for storage and display. Simply install a set of plastic slatwall panels to display and organize tools, toys, instruments and whatever else! Just make sure that what you plan on hanging on the slatwall panels isn’t too heavy, since you don’t want the plastic to buckle underneath the weight of an item or bunch of items.
Plastic slatwall panels:
Plastic slatwall panels
Plastic slatwall panels pictured: Jifram Easy Living 01000021 EasyWall Slatwall Kit, Light Gray

Plastic chest of drawers

When you live in a part of the world that has all four seasons, you may find that your clothes storage needs are a bit more demanding than someone who lives in a warm or hot climate all year round. If this is the case in your home, a decent plastic chest of drawers can come in quite handy and can easily fit in a closet, corner of your bedroom or even the basement or garage if need be. When one season is over, simply store the clothes nicely away until they are needed again.
Plastic chest of drawers:

Plastic chest of drawers pictured: Left: Iris 6-Drawer Storage System, Black/Clear / Middle: IRIS Premier Collection 5-Drawer Storage Chest, White and Natural / Right: Sterilite 01748501 4-Drawer Unit with Putty Handles, Light Platinum.

Kids plastic table and chair set

Whether it’s for a play-date, sleep-over or birthday party, a kids plastic table and chair set can come in quite handy when you need to sit the children all together. It’s also a quick and convenient way to set up the chair set in your little one’s room or the family play room for a game of cards, a coloring session or for enjoying a snack. And if there’s space, a table and chair set can be used in your kid’s bedroom as a desk or work/play surface.
Kids plastic table and chair set:

Kids plastic table and chair set pictured: Legacy Young Artist’s Folding Artist Table Set by Martin Legacy

5 drawer plastic storage unit cabinet

When you need a container for extra storage, a 5 drawer plastic storage cabinet can really be a versatile and handy item to have around the house. Use it for storing arts and crafts materials as well as any home office type materials you need to store, like extra pens and pencils, photo-copy paper, extra printer ink and so on. Also great for keeping small toys and video gaming cartridges from cluttering up the family room.
5 drawer plastic storage unit cabinet:

5 drawer plastic storage unit cabinets pictured: Left: GSC 5 Drawer Cart / Middle: Sterilite Clearview Small 5 Drawer Unit, 4-Pack / Right: IRIS Premier Collection 5-Drawer Storage Chest, White and Natural