Zebra light switch plate

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One of the finishing touches in any well-dressed bedroom or bathroom is the decorative light switch plate. For example, say your bedroom features a Zebra print comforter set with matching drapes and valances. You could simply add a zebra light switch plate to tie the decorative theme together. Even if you do not have a Zebra themed room, a zebra light switch plate is also very cute and would look great in a child’s room, fitting both the small or large toggle style or rocker style switch. An easy and fun way to liven up a wall.
Zebra light switch plate:

Zebra light switch plate pictured: Left: Zebra Skin Print Decorative Switchplate Cover, sold by TheJungleStore. / Right: Zebra Print – Decorative Switch Plate by Art Plates

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Decorative plate racks

If you’re a collector of decorative plates, chances are you want them displayed around the house so that your friends and family can enjoy their beauty and your taste. Problem is, you want to keep them from getting scratched or broken. In this case, a decorative plate rack can really come in handy as it holds your plates securely. Just make sure you don’t have little ones or pets running around in the area that your collectibles are displayed in.
Decorative plate racks:

Decorative plate racks example. Pictured: 3-Tier Plate Rack, Black Metal, 36″ Height by Banberry Designs, sold by Relevant Gifts.

Wall mounted plate rack

If you’re like my mother, you have a fondness for celebratory plates from the Franklin Mint. In fact, she has so many that she doesn’t have enough room in her cabinets to display them properly, so she had my father install a wall mounted plate rack where she could display her plates openly. Her only issue with this set up is that the plates get dusty a lot faster.
Wall mounted plate rack:

Wall mounted plate rack pictured: Omega National 24 inch W Angled Plate Display Rack, Cherry, sold by Kitchen Source.

Hanging plate holder

A tasteful hanging plate holder is a nice touch for any bare wall or “white space” that could use a bit of decoration. One of the most important things though when purchasing a plate holder, and this is especially important if you are buying online, is to make sure you know what size your plates are and what sizes the plate holder can accommodate. You don’t want to have one delivered, only to find that you need to bend some of the holding “arms” to fit in your plate.
Hanging plate holder:

Hanging plate holder pictured: Spectrum 3 Tier Ionic Plate Rack

Of course, the plate holder should ideally match the style of the plates you will be displaying.

Wall Plate Holder

The beauty of decorative plates is wasted if they are kept in the cupboard. They should be displayed and enjoyed. A wall plate holder is ideal for this purpose. You can hang several if you have a large plate collection, or you can get just one, and rotate the plates depending on the season.
Wall Plate Holder:

Wall Plate Holder pictured: Spectrum 46510 Horizontal Plate Rack 3-Tier, Black.