Floating shelf for DVD player

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Using floating shelves to hold your DVD players, gaming consoles and mini-stereo systems minimizes clutter and maximizes space to give practically any room a clean, modern look. Floating shelves are relatively easy to install providing you have the right tools and hardware. It’s always good to check out the included hardware first before putting up the shelves. If the mounting brackets appear to be damaged or not great quality, you may be better off going to the hardware and buying your own bracketing system so that everything stays in place.
Floating shelf for DVD player:

Floating shelves for DVD player pictured: Master Mounts Glass Entertainment Shelves for Home Electronic Components, DVD Player, Cable Boxes, Game Consoles, set of 2 shelves

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Wall stand for DVD player

Unlike the more traditional CTR televisions, the beauty of a flat screen TV is that it can be mounted up on the wall, for a clean, minimalist look. The same goes for some of your TV accessories like DVD players and surround sound systems. You can mount a wall stand directly under the TV for a particular component, thus getting rid of the bulky and/or messy TV/component floor stand.
Wall stand for DVD player:

Wall stand for DVD player pictured: OmniMount Blade1 Low Profile Single Shelf Wall Mount

Wall mounted DVD player shelves

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If you are going for a more minimalist look throughout your home or apartment, you may want to try and minimize the clutter and maximize the space by using wall mounted DVD player shelves for your various entertainment components. DVD players, DVRs, gaming consoles and cable boxes can all fit nicely on a wall mounted shelf, giving your room a more airy, less cluttered feeling or look.
Wall mounted DVD player shelves:

Wall mounted DVD player shelf pictured: Height-Adjustable Wall Component Shelf for DVD or Other AV Equipment – Tempered Glass by Displays2go