Cedar porch swings

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If you’re looking to make the outside of your house more inviting, a cedar porch swing is certainly one way to go. If you’re not too keen on the natural color of cedar you could paint it, but chances are that over time you would need to scrape and refinish it again depending on the amount of use. It would be better to just stain the cedar to keep its natural wood tone shiny for years to come. There are more than a few popular staining brands for you to choose from so there should be no problem finding a stain that looks good.
Cedar porch swings:
Cedar porch swings
Cedar porch swing pictured: Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Porch Swing, 5 foot.

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Outdoor porch chairs

The sun, heat, humidity and rain can be extremely harsh on anything left outdoors over time. If you have wood porch chairs, keeping them looking like new requires a couple of simple steps that can be done relatively quickly. First, apply a good oil, like teak oil, on your chairs to help maintain their color and shine. And secondly, use a standard waterproof sealant to ensure protection against rain. You can of course cover your chairs when not in use for added protection.
Outdoor porch chairs:

Outdoor porch chairs pictured: Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair, Set of 2

Stand Alone Porch Swing

Nothing beats gently swinging on the porch on a nice summer evening. If you want to avoid the hassle of mounting a swing on the porch roof (or if your porch doesn’t have a roof) then a stand alone swing is your best bet.
Stand Alone Porch Swing:

Stand Alone Porch Swing pictured: All Things Cedar AF72Us Classic Cedar Porch Swing With A-Frame