Portable camping toilet seat

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There are a few options when it comes to going to the toilet while camping. One is to get a portable toilet. These are self-contained units that you can put bags into. Another option is a toilet seat that is designed to fit on a standard five gallon bucket. Perhaps the simplest one, (other than squatting in the woods) is a seat with legs. With this you have the option of simply setting it up in the woods, or placing a container under it.
Portable camping toilet seat:
portable camping toilet seat
Portable camping toilet seat pictured: TravelJohn Foldable Commode /Chair (Olive Drab)

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Portable trade show booth kiosks

Whether you are a one man operation, or a small business owner with a few employees, trade shows and conventions are a matter of course to get your product out to as many potential buyers or investors as possible. A portable trade show booth is a great investment, offering you plenty of surface space to show off your wares and present your business in both a professional and enticing manner.
Portable trade show booth kiosks:
Portable trade show booth kiosks
Portable trade show booth kiosk pictured: Displays2go Portable Trade Show Counter Kiosk with Pop-Up Design, 5-Feet Wide, Black Velcro-Receptive Fabric with Carrying Case Included (CNTPUVL3X2)

Some of these fold up into an included wheeled trolley.

Of course, if you need this type of kiosk only occasionally, you may want to rent rather than buy.

Portable food warmers

When out on the road for a day trip, or a small weekend get-a-way with the kids, bring along a portable food warmer to enjoy a hot meal when you stop at a public rest spot for lunch or dinner, or while staying over-night at the family cabin. Just remember that it may take a while for the food warmer to get things warm so you may want to plan your warming up time a little in advance.
Portable food warmers:

Portable food warmer pictured: Wagan 2260 Thermo-Electric Fridge/Warmer – 6L Capacity

Some of these have a strap that can be slung over your shoulder for easy transport.

Portable ice cube maker

While a portable ice cube maker sounds cool, pardon the pun, one has to wonder if it is really worth the investment in the end. Sure, you’re able to have ice for your drinks in the middle of nowhere, that is of course, if there’s an electrical outlet. And the better quality portable ice cube makers appear to only provide up to 9 ice cubes every six to fifteen minutes, which is fine if you’re drinking alone, but if you have more than a few friends, then someone’s going to have to wait another six to fifteen minutes. Better to just think ahead and have a cooler filled with ice to take with you.
Portable ice cube maker:

Portable ice cube maker examples. Pictured: Left: Oster OSIM22SV 27-Pound Portable Ice Maker / Right: NewAir AI-100BK Countertop Portable Icemaker, Black

Portable beach changing room

While a portable beach changing room may seem to have just on primary purpose, there are in fact, a variety of uses for them. For example, it can also be used when camping out in the woods, on a small boat, at a pool party or at a photo shoot where there is very little privacy. If this is an item that will only get occasional use, look for the less expensive models. They do the job fine, and they tend to be lighter and more portable than the fancier models.
Portable beach changing room:

Portable beach changing room pictured: HYDL® Army Green Outdoor Camping Bath Changing Room Beach Tent, sold by Joyshipper.