Velvet rope stanchion posts

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Whether you own a theater, nightclub, art gallery or restaurant, chances are you have had moments where there were just too many people to control. For such a purpose a few velvet rope stanchion posts strategically placed in front of the door or other public/private area can help the flow of public traffic by delineating where they are supposed to walk or mingle. Of course, one should also have a door man or if need be, a bouncer, to maintain that flow.
Velvet rope stanchion posts:

Velvet rope stanchion posts pictured: Set of 2 Round Top Polished Brass Stanchion Posts with 6.5′ Burgundy Red Velvet Rope by QueuePole, sold by Displays2go.

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Designer Cat Scratching Posts

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Ordinary scratching posts are not the best looking thing by any stretch of the imagination, but some companies have started making them in very funky looking ways. Some of them look more like pieces of art rather than pet supplies, which may leave your guests to think your cat is destroying something irreplaceable. Thankfully, it’s just a scratching post.
Designer Cat Scratching Posts:

Designer Cat Scratching Posts example. Pictured: PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

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