Battery powered Christmas tree string lights

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If you’re looking for an extra something to add to the beauty of your Christmas tree this year, consider a set of battery powered Christmas tree string lights that come in a variety of colors and functions. With a simple battery pack, these lights can twinkle, glow, flash on and off and more. You can also use the lights on an outside tree or as a decorative element to your patio or deck.
Battery powered Christmas tree string lights:
Battery powered Christmas tree string lights
Battery powered Christmas tree string lights pictured: 64 LED Battery Operated Outdoor and Indoor String Lights with Auto Timer Feature and 8 Functions, 30 Day Batteries by LampLust

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Battery powered heated jacket

No matter how well you bundle up, you’re bound to feel the cold if you stay outdoors for long periods of time. A battery powered heated jacket can make a difference between being cold and miserable or warm and comfortable. Of course, the heat generated is from a battery pack so you might want to time your outdoor activities to only a few hours to take full advantage of your heated jacket.
Battery powered heated jacket:

Battery powered heated jacket pictured: Brookstone Mens Fleece Heated Jackets

Battery powered heated vest

If you’re an avid outdoors man who finds it difficult sometimes to keep warm while adding layer upon layer of sweaters, vests and jackets, a battery powered heated vest might just be what you need to shed those constricting layers. Just make sure that you are fully aware of how much battery life you have and if need be, that you have extra batteries around. It may be a good idea to have an extra sweater or jacket around just in case.
Battery powered heated vest:

Battery powered heated vest pictured: Gerbing’s Camouflage Mens Heated Fleece Vest

Battery powered cordless under cabinet light

If you have ever struggled to look for something in a dark closet or kitchen pantry, you know how easier it would have been had you had some light to see what you were doing. A simple solution is to use a battery powered light bar that can be placed in any closet, pantry, cabinet, cupboard and anywhere else you want light without the need for an electrical outlet, extension cords or extra wiring. Never be in the dark again.
Battery powered cordless under cabinet light:

Battery powered cordless under cabinet light pictured: Westinghouse T00939 12-Inch Cordless Fluorescent Light with Fixture

USB Powered Computer Speakers

No matter what laptop you buy or how much you have paid, chances are the stereo speakers built into the case will be ok for skyping or listening to news programs, but if you want to enjoy a movie, CD or your collection of tunes, the speakers just won’t cut it. USB powered computer speakers can turn a tinny, no bass sounding audio or video file into a much more palatable audio experience. Keep in mind however, that you still won’t get booming bass and rich tones coming from a small set of speakers, but it will sound a whole lot better than what you hear with just the built-in speakers.
USB Powered Computer Speakers:

USB Powered Computer Speakers pictured: Philips SPA2210/27 Notebook USB Speakers