Preppy ties

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Since my days as a kid going to a public high school, I’ve often thought of private school kids as preppies with their school uniforms consisting of mostly dark blazers, grey slacks, oxford white or light blue button down shirts and ties with the school emblem stitched in. The when I got older I’d see the same “uniform” worn by tennis club or yacht club members who went by the names of Brad and Todd. That being said, I must admit to wearing similar styles of clothing on casual Friday work days. Yet after all these years, I am thankful that I am not a preppy dresser, dressing for comfort rather than status.
Preppy ties:

Preppy ties example. Pictured: Men’s Nautical Plaid Microfiber Tie by The American Necktie Company in Red by The American Necktie Co, sold by Wild Ties.

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Mens preppy ties

The preppy look, inspired by prep school attire, came about in the 80’s, when it was “hip to be square”. But fashion is cyclical, and some aspects of the preppy style are resurfacing, such as plaid fabrics and bow ties. An easy way to add a touch of preppiness to your look is to opt for a striped or plaid tie.
Men’s preppy ties:

Mens preppy ties pictured:
Left: Retreez Premium Preppy Stripe Pattern Woven Microfiber Skinny Tie, Brown and Grey
Right: Retreez Premium Preppy Stripe Pattern Woven Microfiber Skinny Tie with matching Handkerchief / Hanky and Cufflinks, Gift Box Set as Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, grey