Princess sofa bed

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If your daughter loves princesses and also loves to have friends or cousins come over for sleepovers, a princess sofa bed would be an ideal addition to her room or to the playroom. These sofas are usually kid-sized, and sometimes made of foam, so they are very easy to move around, and take up little room. Quality varies greatly, so check reviews online before you buy.
Princess sofa bed:
Princess sofa bed
Princess sofa bed pictured: Disney Princess Flip Out Loveseat

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Princess peel and stick wall decals

Give your little princess something to smile about on her birthday, or any day for that matter, with princess peel and stick wall decals. These peel and stick wall decals will liven up any child’s room and come in a variety of popular Disney princesses along with princess style imagery like Castles, tiaras, horses and even a Prince Charming. And the best part is, your little girl can have fun sticking these appliques wherever she wants without worry of damaging a wall or leaving a sticky residue.
Princess peel and stick wall decals:

Princess peel and stick wall decals pictured: Top: Blue Mountain Wallcoverings GAPP1741 Princess Original Self-Stick Wall Appliqu├ęs / Bottom: Disney Princess GAPP1759 self stick room appliques by Blue Mountain Wallcoverings

Princess dog dress

For lovers of small dogs, what better way to parade your pet around your neighborhood than to dress them up in a pink and frilly princess dog dress. Now, I realize that some may balk at this idea and wonder why in heaven’s name one would do such a thing! But, if you only do this on special occasions, like say Christmas or Easter, it’s kind of like dressing up your children, and your pet will look pretty cute all dolled up.
Princess dog dress:
Princess dog dress
Princess dog dress pictured: Pet Tease Princess Frill Dog Dress, Pink with Pink Frill with Rhinestone Lettering.

Princess Halloween Costumes for Girls

Many little girls want to be princesses, (even big girls want to be them too). Well, it’s that time of year when girls get to be princesses, or at least dress up like them, and let their imaginations do the rest. The costumes always consist of beautiful dresses. Accessories include tiaras, crowns and wands.
Princess Halloween Costume for Girls:

Princess Halloween Costume for Girls pictured: Forum Novelties Beautiful Princess Costume

Princess Laundry Hamper

If your daughter loves princesses, then a princess laundry hamper is the way to go. Not only will it be a cute addition to her bedroom, but it may (with any luck) actually encourage your little princess to pick up her dirty clothes and put them away.
Princess Laundry Hamper:

Princess Pop Up Hamper by Princess.

Pictured: Disney – Princess Square Pop up Hamper