Japanese style room divider privacy screen

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These privacy dividers add an oriental flair to any bedroom or home office area. Their main function is to separate a room in two areas, or to hide an eyesore. They can also be used as a window shade for extra privacy or to temporarily block some of the sun rays that may be too intense at certain times of the day. An elegant, practical and multifunction addition to any room.
Japanese style room divider privacy screen:
Japanese style room divider privacy screen
Japanese style room divider privacy screen pictured: 48″ Low Double Cross Bamboo Tree Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. 4 panel. Color: Honey. Also available in 5 and 6 panel models.

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Monitor Screen Privacy Filter

Monitor screen privacy filters work by narrowing the viewing angle of your computer monitor. As long as you are in front of the monitor, you will have no problem seeing it clearly. But someone looking at it from another angle will see a dark screen. Monitor screen privacy filters are often used on laptops, since we bring them to very public places. But in certain cases, privacy is still important in the work area. Make sure you select the correct size filter to fit your screen.
Monitor Screen Privacy Filter:

Monitor Screen Privacy Filter pictured: 3M Anti-Glare Filter for 16″ to 19″ Monitors.

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter

Laptop screen privacy filters not only keep prying eyes from seeing your laptop screen, but they also protect it from scratches. They are available in all the popular laptop sizes and are fairly inexpensive. Some are even reversible, with a glossy side and a matte side.
Laptop Screen Privacy Filter:

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter pictured: 3M Privacy Filter for 14.1 Inch Standard Laptop.

Laptop Screen Privacy Filter above: Akamai Office Products 14.0 Inch (Diagonally Measured) Privacy Screen for Widescreen Laptops (AP140W9B)