Terry cloth mattress protector sheet

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As we get older, we may become prone to hormonal shifts in our body which produce, amongst other things, night sweats. If you have experienced night sweats, then you know that your bed sheets end up being drenched and are quite uncomfortable when trying to sleep. There is however some hope, as there are some bedding manufacturers who make a terry cloth pillow case and bed sheet that helps to curb night sweating. By allowing the body to cool itself, the sweats become less of an issue when you go to sleep.
terry cloth bed sheets 2
Terry cloth mattress protector sheet pictured: Newpoint Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector

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Bed bug mattress protector

The old saying, “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” seems to have taken on a more literal meaning these past few years. If you are fortunate to have not yet experienced a bed bug infestation, then you may want to protect your bed and mattress by buying a mattress cover to keep your bed and mattress free from both bed bugs and dust-mites. One caveat, if you do buy a zippered mattress cover, be sure there are no gaps between the the start of where the zipper is and the fabric. This way, bed bugs have no place to crawl into, or out of.
Bed bug mattress protector:

Bed bug mattress protector pictured: Sleep Defense System – Waterproof / Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement

anti glare screen protector for computers

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This is one of those items that people either hate or love. Make sure you read reviews before buying a screen protector, since some users say that they actually increase glare, some say the protectors don’t fit properly, and some say they are hard to remove once they are put on. Yet, some people love them.
Anti glare screen protector for computers:

Anti glare screen protector for computers pictured: 3M Anti-Glare Filter for 16″ to 19″ Monitors