Purple glass chandelier

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If you’re looking to add more than just a touch of elegance to any room, consider adding a chandelier for that immediate WOW factor. Whether the chandelier is made from glass, crystal, acrylic or plastic, the beauty of these light fixtures can transform practically any room into a room fit for royalty. This look works especially well if you have a little girl who loves thinking of herself as a princess. Simply install a chandelier in her bedroom and she’ll think she’s living in a castle.
Purple glass chandelier:
Purple glass chandelier
Purple glass chandeliers pictured:
Left: Global Bazaar Bohemian 5 Light Beaded Swag Chandelier by Kathy Kuo Home, lavender
Right: Af Lighting Elements 8353-4H Mini Chandelier 4 Light In Purple Cut Plastic, purple

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Plus-size purple jeans

If you’re a plus-size woman looking for some jeans, you may want to try on a few pairs before you settle on one brand or style. Look for ones that are neither low cut or high-waist as these tend to show off your belly a little more than you might feel comfortable with. And while you might love those light purple jeans in the display of your favorite clothing store, consider buying jeans in a darker shade of purple for a more slimming look.
Plus-size purple jeans:
Plus-size purple jeans
Plus-size purple jeans pictured:
Left: JEANS COLONY Women’s Plus Size Denim Skinny Jeans
Middle: Levi’s Women’s Plus-Size Denim Legging, plum
Right: Southpole Women’s Plus-Size Brushed Twill Skinny Pants, purple

Purple chiffon cocktail dresses

No matter if you own a silk chiffon cocktail dresses, or one that is made from rayon, nylon or polyester, the cleaning process is the same. You want to be sure to wash your chiffon dress with cool water on a short cycle, use mild laundry detergent, and dry quickly using the cool cycle on your dryer. If you’re concerned about wrinkles, you can use an iron, but make sure that it is on a cool setting or unplugged. And when in doubt, always make sure to check the care label to see if there are any specific cleaning instructions to abide by.
Purple chiffon cocktail dresses:
Purple chiffon cocktail dresses
Purple chiffon cocktail dresses pictured:
Left: Ever-Pretty Colorful Peacock Printed Chiffon Cocktail Dress 02025
Middle: Faironly Above Knee Mini Short Silk Chiffon Crystal Cocktail Prom Dress
Right: Ever Pretty Macrame One Shoulder BNWT Rhinestones Ruffles Wedding Dress 03321, light purple

Purple shorts for men

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If you are looking to add a bit of a color splash to your spring and summer wardrobe, instead of going for the usual stand-by of bland khakis, consider dropping a few bucks on a pair or two of purple shorts. You can easily find purple shorts in a variety of styles and hues, from a deep purple to a lighter lavender shade and pretty much all shades in between. Compliment your shorts by wearing a white or grey v-neck t-shirt and bright colored sneakers and you’re ready to go!
Purple shorts for men:
Purple shorts for men
Purple shorts for men pictured:
1- Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Stretch Short, Vibrant Purple
2- Jet Lag Men’s Santos Shorts, Antique Lilac
3- Soffe Men’s Heavy Weight Jersey Short
4- Jet Lag Men’s Rom Leather Trim Cargo Short

Purple jeans for women

Wearing colored jeans has become a hot fashion trend in the last few years or so and adds a splash of daring and color to your wardrobe regardless of the season. To keep your colored jeans from fading in the wash, try washing them in cold water on the delicate cycle and only with other clothes of a similar color. Also, make sure to turn your jeans inside out before washing, and once done, line dry them instead of using a machine.
Purple jeans for women:

Purple jeans for women pictured:
left: Denim 24/7 Women’s Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans
middle: Levi’s Juniors 535 Legging
right: U-Turn Jeans U-T 1119 Premium Stretch Cotton,Butt lift,Levanta Cola, Skinny Leg Fashion Pants