Zebra stripe purse

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When looking to add a little something to make your summer outfits “pop”, a chic and trendy Zebra stripe purse makes a bold accessory with whatever you’re wearing. And depending on the bag you like to carry, you’re sure to find a Zebra strip print design on tote bags, evening clutches and even wallet purses. And while the classic black and white color scheme is standard, you can also find Zebra prints in a variety of colors to match your outfits.
Zebra stripe purse:

Zebra stripe purses pictured:
left: Kate Spade New York Ivory Lane Quinn (Zebra)
right: Diane Von Furstenberg Harper Bonbon Printed Pony Clutch Bag – Zebra

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Louis Vuitton designer purse

One has to wonder why some people would drop almost five grand for a purse. Granted, even if said purse is a Louis Vuitton purse, is it still worth $5000.00? And what exactly do you get for dropping five large? I can only imagine that the shape of a Louis Vuitton purse, along with the materials used to design it, and the perceived status the brand brings to those holding it, are what matters to those who can afford such opulence.
Louis Vuitton designer purse:

Louis Vuitton designer purse pictured: Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Speedy Round – Yellow