Pine wine racks

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When getting a pine wine rack, once you have decided on the size that will suit your needs, your next decision should be whether you want the wood to be finished or not. If the rack will be in a basement or some other room where it will not be seen by guests, you may want to opt for an unfinished pine. If however, you want to display your wine collection in a more visible area, you could get a rack that is finished in a color that will suit the decor of the room in which it will be placed.
Pine wine racks:
pine wine racks
Pine wine racks pictured:
Left: Wine Racks America® Kitchen Rack in Ponderosa Pine. Kitchen Style Wine Rack with 13 Gorgeous Stains to Choose From! Capacity: 24 Bottles
Right: Wine Racks America® Stackable Rack in Ponderosa Pine. 13 Gorgeous Stains to Choose From! Capacity: 54 Bottles

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Heavy duty commercial garment racks

If you live in a space that has very little or no closet space, instead of cramming all your clothes in drawers, a heavy duty commercial garment rack can be quite functional as a way to keep your clothes from getting crumpled all the time. It also looks funky and is perfect for lofts, studio apartments and even as a clothes hanger for your laundry room. And if you like having yard sales, it’s a great way to display clothes rather than having them in piles.
Heavy duty commercial garment racks:
Heavy duty commercial garment racks
Heavy duty commercial garment racks pictured: Heavy Duty Steel 500 lb. Capacity Z Rolling Rack with 2 Hangrails by Quality Fabricators

Wall mounted wooden wine racks

If you don’t have a wine cellar to store your favorite wines, you might want to consider a wall mounted wine rack to store and display your collection. There are a wide variety of designs and materials, from wooden wine racks to decorative metal shapes, holding anywhere from a few bottles to one that has space for 60. You should have no problem finding a wall mounted wine rack that will fit in nicely with your decor and taste.
Wall mounted wooden wine racks:

Wall mounted wooden wine racks pictured: Left: Wood Wall Wine Rack by Woodland Imports / Right: Wall Mounted Wine Rack (32 Bottle) by Kentucky Wine Racks, Inc.

Ceiling wine racks

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Whether you want a ceiling wine rack because of its decorative flair or because of its space saving properties, you will need to make sure that your ceiling is indeed strong enough to accommodate the extra weight of full wine bottles. If there are no solid ceiling studs to mount the wine rack to, you may want to consider another option.
Ceiling wine racks:

Ceiling wine rack pictured: Checkolite P1011-71 Decor 1-Light Kitchen Wine Rack, Brushed Nickel

Decorative plate racks

If you’re a collector of decorative plates, chances are you want them displayed around the house so that your friends and family can enjoy their beauty and your taste. Problem is, you want to keep them from getting scratched or broken. In this case, a decorative plate rack can really come in handy as it holds your plates securely. Just make sure you don’t have little ones or pets running around in the area that your collectibles are displayed in.
Decorative plate racks:

Decorative plate racks example. Pictured: 3-Tier Plate Rack, Black Metal, 36″ Height by Banberry Designs, sold by Relevant Gifts.