Rattan sofa beds

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When it comes to keeping your rattan sofa beds clean and cared for, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure to clean your rattan furniture at least once a month. Second, all you’ll need to care for your rattan furniture is a simple solution of warm water and diluted dish-washing soap. Third, to keep your sofa bed clean, use a soft brush and/or toothbrush to really get into the nooks, crevices and crannies.
Rattan sofa beds:
Rattan sofa beds
Rattan sofa bed pictured: Futon Sofa Bed in Southwest Lattice Rattan Wood Wicker Accents with Metal Frame (Frame Only) by Coaster Home Furnishings

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Round rattan coffee table

Living in a small space can be a challenge when looking to have all the comforts of home. In this regard, furniture that can act as two or more pieces is an excellent way of capitalizing on the space you do have. For example, a round rattan coffee table can be used as a coffee table, an ottoman, and even a seat for a child if need be. Some even come with inside storage space which makes this furniture piece ideal.
Round rattan coffee table:

Round rattan coffee table pictured: Unique Best Price Japanese Design Coffee Table – 30″ Woven Fiber Rattan Style Ottoman Foot Stool Platform – 3 Colors by ORIENTAL FURNITURE, sold by Wayfair.

Rattan chest of drawers

When shopping for a rattan chest of drawers or other furniture piece made from rattan, consider the effect that the over-exploitation of rattans is having on the planet. Nearly 70% of the world’s rattan harvesting comes from Indonesia, with the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bangladesh providing the rest. To satisfy a growing demand, rattan stems are cut too early, affecting the plants ability to re-sprout. Couple that with the pollution caused by the use of toxic chemicals and petrol used in rattan processing and you have the huge potential for environmental consequences on many fronts.
Rattan chest of drawers:

Rattan chest of drawers pictured: Natural Fiber Storage Chest – Three Drawer by ORIENTAL FURNITURE, in white and mahogany

Rattan dining room chairs

Rattan may be thought of as a material used mainly for outdoor patio furniture, but lately it has become not not acceptable for use indoors, but also fashionable. This is especially true when rattan chairs are used in a sunny and bright dining room. If you do intend to use this type of chair outdoors, make sure it is labelled as “all-weather”.
Rattan dining room chairs:
rattan dining room chairs image
Rattan dining room chairs example. Pictured: Joseph Split Rattan Dining Chairs – Set of 2 by Brookstone.

Wicker rattan dining chairs

The word wicker refers to a style of weaving rather than an actual material. Rattan, however, is a natural material derived from palm vines, somewhat similar to bamboo. So you would think that if a piece of furniture has “rattan” in its name, it would imply it is made of rattan. This is not necessarily so. Some furniture makers are starting to use the word rattan in the same way they would use the word wicker: in reference to a style. So be sure of what you are getting when you shop for wicker rattan dining chairs.
Wicker rattan dining chairs:
Wicker rattan dining chairs image

Wicker rattan dining chairs example. Pictured: All-weather Rattan Outdoor Dining Chair with Aluminum Frame (Set of 2)by Manhattan Modern.