Open bottom retro corselette with suspenders

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If you’re looking for shape-wear to smooth out your curves for whatever reason, there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from and it all comes down to what you are comfortable wearing and what you feel looks good on you. Some women like a thinner, more contemporary look, while others will tend to favor an open bottom retro corselette with suspenders that their grandmother might have worn. It all comes down to taste and comfort and one is just as good as the other.
Open bottom retro corselette with suspenders:
Open bottom retro corselette with suspenders
Open bottom retro corselette with suspenders pictured:
Left: What Katie Did Lulu Red and Black Corselette
Middle: What Katie Did Glamour Shape Wear Vintage Peach Corselette
Right: Stockings and Romance Black Secret Corselette

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Retro TV stand

With the redesign of most TV stands to fit the more modern, sleek look of the flat screen TV, there is still a place for the old TV stand that held up our analog TV’s so well for many, many years. Some designers have gone back to the retro TV stand with a few minor upgrades to allow for extra media and surround sound systems enclosures. So you may want to hold off chucking your old TV stand until you’re quite sure you need something newer.
Retro TV stand:

Retro TV stand pictured: Mission Nuevo TV Stand (Mahogany) (24″H x 46″W x 19.62″D) by Creative.

Retro dining chairs

One of the great things about spring is that this seems to be the season for the garage or yard sale. Folks usually feel like lightening the load so to speak, so they get all their old and useless “junk” together and display it on their property for all to see. Over the years I’ve found some very cool retro dining room chairs and old style kitchen tables that spruced up the basement family room quite nicely. I guess it really is true that one persons junk is another persons treasure.
Retro dining chairs:
cheap retro dining chairs image
Retro dining chairs pictured:
1950’s Retro Chrome Diner Chair by BudgetBarStools

Retro dining chairs

When it comes to dining chairs, the retro look can mean the fifties diner style, with its chrome legs and vinyl seats, or the sleek and modern Eames style, whether wood or plastic, or the seventies look with its rounded edges and bright colors. So pick your decade and have fun shopping.
Retro dining chairs:

Retro dining chairs pictured: Wholesale Interiors DC-593 Sonore Mid-Century Style Accent Chair Dining Chair

Retro Diner Uniforms

Weather you’re starting a 50’s style diner, or you’ve chosen to go out as a waitress for Halloween, retro diner uniforms and costumes are a great way to bring back those old days when waitresses used to serve you on roller skates. A real blast for the past.
Retro Diner Uniforms:

Retro Diner Uniform pictured: Cute 50s Costume Waitress Costume Pink Uniform Service 50s Diner