Toilet seat riser with arms

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For the elderly, the handicapped, and small children, a toilet seat riser with arms is a must-have for those who experience difficulty sitting or standing. The toilet seat riser with arms provides much needed support while getting on and off the toilet and is quite easily attached to your toilet. Some are even designed to be used with your regular toilet seat and lid so as to not alter your bathroom decor.
Toilet seat riser with arms:

Toilet seat riser with arms pictured: Tall-Ette Extra Wide Toilet Seat with Arms and Legs by Ableware

You will want to make sure that your riser is quite securely placed, so that there is no danger of any accidents.

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Computer monitor riser

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If you’re constantly on the computer, and your table or computer desk is not high enough, you may have experienced some sort of neck strain from looking down at the monitor. A solution to this is to invest a few dollars in a computer monitor riser. A monitor riser can help reduce eye and neck strain by raising your computer monitor to eye level without the hassle of having to raise the height of your desk. A computer monitor riser works great with laptops as well.
Computer monitor riser:

Computer monitor riser pictured: Rolodex 82445 Distinctions Monitor Stand, Rich Cherry Wood/Black Metal

Another advantage of a riser is that it gives you extra storage space instantly. The space below the monitor can be used for storing paper, pens or other office supplies.

TV Riser Cabinet

I would love to have a TV riser cabinet. The idea of pushing a button and having the TV rise out is just so cool. Then when you are done watching, just push another button and the TV disappears again. The only thing is, they are not cheap. But if I can ever afford one, I am getting one for sure.
TV Riser Cabinet:

TV Riser Cabinet pictured: Bungalow TV Lift Cabinet by TOUCHSTONE HOME PRODUCTS.