Rolling library book cart

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Whether for a home office, child’s room or family room, a rolling library book cart can help keep books, DVD’s CD’s, magazines and other related items neat and organized while being easy enough to move from room to another if need be. A rolling book cart can also be used to keep small tools or similar items easily accessible when working on a project in your garage or work room.
Rolling library book cart:
Rolling library book cart
Rolling library book carts pictured:
Left: Sandusky Lee SNLSFV336A8 Welded Combination Booktrucks, Double-Sided, 1 Flat Shelf/4 Sloped Shelves- 12″ Clearance, 5″ Swivel Casters, Primary Green
Right: Sandusky Lee Welded Book Truck – 17X13x48″ – 3 Single-Sided Sloping Shelves – Red Available in 6 sizes

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Rolling kitchen cart

If you’re looking to add a little more counter space and cupboard storage to your kitchen, a rolling kitchen cart acts as a moveable island that can be used as a counter top for food prep, or as a buffet table that you can wheel into the dining room and back. Some models even feature side towel racks, a spice rack and a paper towel holder for convenient accessibility.
Rolling kitchen cart:

Rolling kitchen cart pictured: Natural Wood Top Kitchen Cart/Island by Crosley, black.

Leather rolling duffle bag

If you travel a lot, you know the convenience that a leather rolling duffel bag can provide. Simply adjust the pull handle to your comfort and you’ll be strolling through the airport or train station with ease. And when you are ready to board, simply push the handle back into the bag and use the bag as a carry-on to store in the overhead compartment for easy access.
Leather rolling duffle bag:

Leather rolling duffle bag pictured: Cenzo Wheelie Trolley Suitcase Rolling Duffle

Rolling stairs

Rolling stairs, sometimes referred to as rolling warehouse ladders, are must-have tools when you have items stored up high in hard to reach areas. Great for workshops, storage areas, small businesses and of course, warehouses. With rolling stairs, you have a strong and durable platform on which to stand on along with with a handrail so you don’t need to worry about standing on a shaky and unsecured ladder.
Rolling stairs:

Rolling stairs pictured: Left: Louisville Ladder GSW2407 Rolling Warehouse Ladder with 24-Inch Step Width and Handrails, 70-Inch Platform Height, 7-Step / Right: Louisville Ladder GSW2408 Rolling Warehouse Ladder with 24-Inch Step Width and Handrails, 80-Inch Platform Height, 8-Step

Rolling TV Stands

Rolling stands for TV are good for changing the angle of your TV, or moving it a short distance. If you’re thinking of getting one to move the TV from room to room, remember that there are many cables behind your TV and DVD player, including power chords and coaxial cable, both of which are connected to the wall, making moving the TV, even with a rolling stand, somewhat complicated.
Rolling TV Stands:

Rolling TV Stands example. Pictured: Winsome Wood Evans TV/Media Stand