Rotating TV Stand

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Several flat screen TV’s come with bases that swivel just a little bit. This can be useful when you want to change your viewing angle just slightly. But when you want a more radical angle adjustment, a rotating TV stand is in order. The fact that the stand rotates rather than the TV means that all the cables that interconnect between the TV and other components in the stand are not in danger of being pulled and disconnected when turning the stand.
Rotating TV Stand:

Rotating TV Stand pictured: Sonax ZX-8680 Zurich Midnight Black TV Mount with Swivel Base for 37-Inch- 52-Inch TVs

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Rotating TV Cabinet

There are basically two types of rotating TV cabinets. There the models that have a separate platter on which the TV rests, and then there are the cabinets that are themselves set on top of a turntable, so that the entire cabinet rotates. The latter models are useful especially if you need to control your DVD or amplifier. Turning the whole cabinet lets you aim at them with your remotes.
Rotating TV Cabinet:

Rotating TV Cabinet pictured: BDI Revo 9981, Double Wide Rotating Cabinet ( Natural Stained Cherry) by Becker.