Kitchen Runner Mats

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When looking for kitchen runner mats, since you are dealing with a floor surface that can often get wet, you may want to look for an non-slip rubberized runner. Since counters can be long, you may want to get a long mat. And some companies offer anti-fatigue models designed for those of us that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. These usually have some kind of foam interior.
Kitchen Runner Mats:

Kitchen Runner Mats example. Pictured: GelPro Basketweave Comfort Floor Mat. Color: Coquina

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Hall Runner Mats

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Runner mats are a great way of protecting the floor in your hallway, but they are notorious for bunching up and sliding. A good idea is to buy anti-skid runner mats. They are now made in a variety of colors, so one is sure to match your decor. Another option is to get clear vinyl runner mats if you are protecting a carpeted hallway.
Hall Runner Mats:

Hall Runner Mats example. Pictured above: Skid-resistant Carpet Runner – Pecan Brown – Many Other Sizes to Choose From. By House, Home and More

Bath Mat Runner

The floor in my bathroom is very slippery, so I definitely need something to step on when I get out of the bath. I used to use an old towel. It did the job, but it certainly did nothing for the look of my bathroom. If you’re in the same situation, consider getting a nice bath mat runner. They are generally nicer to step on, and certainly better looking.
Bath Mat Runner:

Bath Mat Runner pictured: Royal Resort Collection – Ultra Sumptuous Terry Bath Rug, Color: Pure White, 100% Eco-Friendly Turkish Cotton by eBoutiques.

Bath Runner Mats

Stepping out of the bath with wet feet on a cold floor is not only uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. Bath mats and runners let you step onto a nice plush dry surface. The advantage of mats with rubber backings is that they are not likely to slip. The advantage of towel-style cotton runners is that they are easy to clean. You just throw them into the wash like you would a towel. Chose the type that is right for you.
Bath Runner Mats:

Bath Runner Mats pictured: Sleep Innovations 24-Inch by 60-Inch Memory Foam Runner.

Of course, these come in all sorts of colors.

Bamboo Runner Mats

The neutral color of bamboo goes with everything. It it an ideal choice of material for runner mats, since they can be used in any room, front door or back. A feature to look for is whether the runner has a non slip surface at the bottom. This can be important if the mat will be place on tile or other slippery surfaces.
Bamboo Runner Mats:

Bamboo Runner Mat pictured: Textiles Plus 100-Percent 24-Inch by 60-Inch Natural Bamboo Floor Mat/Runner