Sheer scarf valance

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When you’re decorating the windows with long flowing drapes, you might want to add a complementary window treatment in the form of a sheer scarf valance. Not only will the valance highlight the top of your window, the shimmer from the valance will add a nice touch and richness of color to your drapes. And if they are too small for your window size, simply buy two and sew them together for a great fit.
Sheer scarf valance:

Sheer scarf valance pictured: Badi Scroll 6 Yard Scarf in White by Softline Home Fashions

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Scarf valance

Dressing up a room always seems to be a major task. But truthfully, all you need is a few minor touches to make a noticeable difference. One of those minor touches is to add a flowing scarf like valance to your window. Usually a lighter tone, such as beige or creamy white, can make a window area “pop”. A nice touch that is inexpensive and easy to do.
Scarf valance:

Scarf valance pictured: Papin 6 Yard Scarf in Beige / Natural by Softline Home Fashions

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Of course, a valance doesn’t provide the same amount of coverage as a curtain.

Red scarf valance

It’s quite amazing how little it takes to dress up a room. A few throw pillows here, a splash of color there, and voila, a new look in no time. One of the ways to go about doing this is to dress up a bare or slightly decorated window area with a red scarf valance, especially if your rugs and decor are white, cream or tan colored. The bold accent of the red will throw new life into an “old” room without costing a fortune in decorator fees.
Red scarf valance:

Red scarf valance pictured: Bella Kids 6 Yard Scarf in Red by Softline Home Fashions.

Brown scarf valance

If you are like me, you enjoy adding small and simple touches to a room when each season changes. For fall, I love choosing an autumn color for my window treatments and find that a brown or beige scarf valance fits the tone perfectly. Now, if you are not sure of the difference between your average valance and a scarf valance, the scarf valance is a long draping piece of fabric that hangs and drapes down, rather than a regular valance, which is like a mini-curtain.
Brown scarf valance:
Brown scarf valance
Brown scarf valance pictured: Bella 6 Yard Scarf in Chocolate by Softline Home Fashions