Japanese style room divider privacy screen

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These privacy dividers add an oriental flair to any bedroom or home office area. Their main function is to separate a room in two areas, or to hide an eyesore. They can also be used as a window shade for extra privacy or to temporarily block some of the sun rays that may be too intense at certain times of the day. An elegant, practical and multifunction addition to any room.
Japanese style room divider privacy screen:
Japanese style room divider privacy screen
Japanese style room divider privacy screen pictured: 48″ Low Double Cross Bamboo Tree Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. 4 panel. Color: Honey. Also available in 5 and 6 panel models.

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Screen stands

There’s no denying that a HD flat screen TV looks very impressive on anyone’s wall. But how do they get it up there and how much of a hassle is it really? If you’re like me, you may want to skip the wall mount installation and instead use a heavy duty TV screen stand that is able to hold most flat screen TV’s up to 175 pounds. I’m not saying this will work for everybody, but it sure beats the heck out of making a mess out of your wall.
Screen stands:

Screen stands example. Pictured: Bell’O PP59B TV Mount Holds Up To 63-Inch or 175lbs TV (Black)

Computer screen anti glare film

One of the great benefits of owning a laptop is that it is extremely portable and mobile. How wonderful is it to take it to a park and be able to have access to all your files, documents and work. The only problem is that some screens are not that great when it comes to the glare from lights or the sun. A work around to this problem would be to buy computer screen anti glare film and attach it over your laptop’s screen. This significantly cuts down on glare and you can work or surf the web to your heart’s content outside or at your favorite cafe.
Computer screen anti glare film:

Computer screen anti glare film pictured: 14″ Anti-glare Screen Protector Guard Film Cover Skin for Apple Lenovo Dell Samsung Toshiba Acer Asus Hp IBM Laptop Pc Notebook by Ginovo

TV stands for flat screen TVs

Practically all stands available on the market today are for flat screen TV’s. Some come with mounts integrated right into the stand, so that it may give the illusion of the TV being hung on the wall, with the stand beneath it. Of course, some are simple stands on which you just rest your television, if this is the type you are looking for, remember that almost any cabinet or narrow table can do the job just as well.
TV stands for flat screen TVs:

TV stands for flat screen TVs example. Pictured: BDI Icon 9429, Triple-Wide Open TV Stand, Gloss Black by Becker

Flat screen TV stand with mount

One of the many advantages a flat screen television offers is the ease with which it can be mounted. In the days of cathode ray tube sets, this was a much more difficult option. The light weight of new TV’s means that mounting brackets can be integrated onto a stand, resulting in a sleek look and more shelving space.
Flat screen TV stand with mount:

Flat screen TV stand with mount pictured: Bell’O TPC361 AV System Up To 55-Inch or 125 lbs (Dark Cherry)