Seagrass chairs

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As we strive to make the world a better place, one area in which we can help make a difference is, surprisingly, our furniture. Creating chairs from sustainable products like seagrass can enhance both our living areas and our planet. A seagrass chair is basically a chair made from the fibrous material of seagrass over a wood frame. There are also banana chairs that use woven banana leaves over a wood frame. A great way to be environmentally friendly and stylish.
Seagrass chairs:

Seagrass chairs example. Pictured: Ty Pennington Seagrass Arm Chair by Howard Miller – 942019NA by Howard Miller

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Seagrass dining chairs

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There is something about seagrass, just like rattan, that is less formal than wood. This makes this type of furniture ideal for more relaxed environments. Seagrass ding chairs instantly provide an outdoorsy feel, making every meal a summery celebration. They are available in a few shades, most commonly beiges and browns, but some more fanciful tints are available if you look hard enough.
Seagrass dining chairs:
seagrass dining chairs image
Seagrass dining chairs example.
Pictured: Seagrass Side Chair in Blue Moon by Howard Miller

If you are looking for seagrass chairs for your deck or pation, make sure they are weather resistant.