L-shaped glass top desk

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Whether you work out of your own home office, or you spend your days working in a modern style office complex, an L-shaped glass top desk can add both a functionality and contemporary design to practically any work space. Of course, no matter how cool a glass desk looks, you need to make sure that you have enough space on your desk for not only the essentials, like a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, paper organizer and whatever else, but also lots of free, uncluttered surface space to work on. Which is why an L-shaped desk is a most popular choice.
L-shaped glass top desk:
L-shaped glass top desk
L-shaped glass top desk pictured: Calico Designs Jameson LS Work center in Silver with Blue Glass 50310

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U-shaped desk for home office

Striving for success in any home business is tough enough on many levels but choosing the components needed to have that business run smoothly shouldn’t be all that difficult. One of the best ways to keep the business organized is to utilize your storage to the max. A u shaped desk home office fits the bill nicely as it incorporates a lot of desk space along with storage areas such as drawers and cubby-holes for computer and communication related components. When you don’t have to run around looking for things, your business can operate at a higher level of efficiency.
U-shaped desk for home office:

U-shaped desk for home office pictured: Mayline Group Sorrento Series U-Shaped Straight Front Desk w/ Hutch – Right Return – Two 3-Drawer Pedestals. Available at Fat Catalog website.

U-shaped office desk with hutch

No matter if you work outside of your home, or you have your own home-based business, if you spend a lot of time behind your desk you know how important it is to have all your office needs organized and close by. A u-shaped office desk with a hutch does the job nicely as it allows you immediate and easy access to files, computer related items and even a cork tack-board on the hutch for your daily post-it-notes, without moving from your chair. Hopefully your business is just as effective.
U-shaped office desk with hutch:
U-shaped office desk with hutch
U-shaped office desk with hutch: Bow Front U Shaped Desk with Hutch KWA066

L-Shaped Reception Desk

The receptionist and the reception area are usually the fist things clients see when they walk into an office. With that in mind, it is only right that the reception area looks as professional as can be. A few chairs, a small table, some current business magazines, a phone and a functional and practical reception desk is the way to go. Depending on the duties of the receptionist, he or she should also be dressed in professional attire. A good solid first impression is still an important consideration in today’s highly competitive business world.
L-Shaped Reception Desk:

L-Shaped Reception Desk pictured: Mayline Group Luminary Series L-Shaped Reception Desk by Mayline.

Also of interest: Mayline Group Aberdeen Series L-Shaped Reception Desk w/ Credenza and Wall Hutch; Office Furniture DMI – L-Shaped Reception Desk with Left Return – Traditional Office Furniture – 7990-67; Sorrento L-Shaped Reception Desk with Counter. Top: Marble, Finish: Espresso Walnut, Configuration: Left-Handed by Mayline

T Shaped Office Desk

The obvious thing about a T-shaped desk is that it gives you a bigger work surface. But the other advantage is that the T shape can serve as a sort of dividing line between your work area and your office area. This is especially desirable when your desk is in a room that doesn’t just serve as an office.
T Shaped Office Desk:

T Shaped Office Desk pictured: Bush Furniture White Spectrum and Pewter Advantage Series T-Shaped Cubicle, sold by Cymax.