Mens sheer mesh underwear

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If you enjoy going commando but feel that you should be wearing something to keep your private parts from moving around, a pair of men’s sheer mesh underwear might just be what you’re searching for. Light and stylish, mesh underwear are very comfortable and feel almost like you are wearing nothing at all. Of course, these underwear also look great on their own, so you may end up wearing them a lot more than you would wear normal boxers or briefs.
Mens sheer mesh underwear examples:
Male Power MP-145-056 – Midshort Sheer Boxer Briefs, white
Dominik Sheer Mesh Boxer Briefs Underwear, Mens
Clever Training Clever Mens Mesh Bars Brief, black

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Sheer scarf valance

When you’re decorating the windows with long flowing drapes, you might want to add a complementary window treatment in the form of a sheer scarf valance. Not only will the valance highlight the top of your window, the shimmer from the valance will add a nice touch and richness of color to your drapes. And if they are too small for your window size, simply buy two and sew them together for a great fit.
Sheer scarf valance:

Sheer scarf valance pictured: Badi Scroll 6 Yard Scarf in White by Softline Home Fashions

Sheer waterfall valance

If you have ever seen photos of royal homes and palaces, chances are you have seen the gorgeous window treatments made by a waterfall valance. This is usually a low hanging sheer tasseled waterfall valance that catches the eye immediately. These can either be used against a similar color drape, or on their own to create a gorgeous waterfall effect. And if you are one who cares for brand names, super model Cindy Crawford has a line of waterfall valances which are as stunning as she is.
Sheer waterfall valance:

Sheer waterfall valance pictured: Regal Home Collections Symmetry 52-Inch by 38-Inch Waterfall Valance